Stack Your Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency With These 6 Team Members

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Stack Your Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency With These 6 Team Members

6 Team Members Your Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency Needs

  1. The project manager
  2. The developer/designer
  3. The PPC Expert
  4. The All-Things-Content person
  5. The funnels and analytics guru
  6. The Behind-the-Scenes Support

You’re running an ecommerce digital marketing agency that strives to do the absolute best for your clients.

Duh. Aren’t they all?

But there’s a way to stand out from the crowd and offer value that your prospective clients can’t get just anywhere.

You need a team that’s stacked.

From project management and PPC management to funnels and analytics, design and development, and content, you need a person in each of those seats who can hone in on their area of expertise.

Let’s take a look at what each of these roles entail and why you need them to be successful.

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency Team 

The Project Manager

This role wasn’t put in the #1 slot by chance.

The wheels of the ecommerce digital marketing agency cannot go round and round without the right person in this position.

Here are the typical duties and responsibilities a project manager handles:

  • Planning what needs to be done.
  • Deciding who does which task.
  • Quality control on the work that’s done.
  • Cheerleader. (Everybody needs some motivation!)
  • Creating a flow for work that’s dependent on multiple people coordinating.
  • Keeping the project within the timeline for completion.
  • Making sure the job doesn’t go over budget.
  • Handling changes/revisions quickly and seamlessly.
  • Working directly with clients to keep them updated on the status of their projects.
  • Advocating for employees.
  • Delivering the finished project to the satisfaction of the client.

Because the person in this role has their hand in all the processes, from start to finish, you need an organized, competent project manager leading the team.

The Developer/Designer

Some agencies may have two separate team members to fill these roles, but if you’re lucky, you’ll find a magical unicorn who can do both. (The two jobs are related but are NOT the same!)

This person will not only have to perform the duties of their own tasks but they’ll likely be inundated with questions from other team members, like, “How do I do xyz…?” or “This isn’t working right! Help!”

(Needless to say, the job requires a level of patience that only magic unicorns have.)

When they actually have time to work on their own tasks, this is what a developer/designer can do, starting with the development piece:

  • Coding. (Okay, that’s really general, but includes a ton of very technical stuff, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) It’s basically building the parts of the website that your visitors will see.
  • Building the infrastructure that makes the website function as it should. (Databases, server scripts and Application Programming Interfaces)

Don’t be deceived – it’s a LOT of work, even though we only gave it two little bullet points. Without a skilled developer on your team, you’ll be forced to outsource.

Now, let’s look at the design side of things:

  • Design landing pages that make people want to act.
  • Incorporate customer management systems and data feeds into websites.
  • Making sure sites are optimized for speed.
  • Performing website tests.
  • Ensuring that websites are functioning properly across multiple devices, like desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Providing both internal support and external customer service during the website build and launch.

If your ecommerce digital marketing agency is lacking a team member who has the creativity to design and the skill to develop, stop what you’re doing and go find a magic unicorn.

Not only will you save money on outsourcing, but you’ll also be able to offer better, more seamless service to your clients.

The PPC Expert

The world of Pay Per Click is in constant flux.

Just staying on top of the rules and regulations set forth by different platforms is a job in itself.

And we all know that the Overlord Google is always changing things up.

It’s not surprising that your ecommerce marketing strategy needs to include someone who knows all the ins and outs of PPC for ecommerce. 

Ultimately, you want your clients to trust you and your expertise. Become indispensable by providing a service that they don’t have time to master on their own and position yourself as the best ecommerce marketing agency for them.

Here’s what you need to know about the responsibilities of a PPC expert:

  • Rolling out and optimizing Pay Per Click campaigns
  • Managing ad budgets and overseeing accounts for each platform
  • Tracking metrics and creating performance reports

The All-Things-Content Person

No matter what your ecommerce digital marketing niche is, you’ll need a ton of content for your campaigns. 

Because it’s not as easy as it may seem, there’s a lot of value in having someone on your team who is familiar with writing copy for a variety of communication channels. 

Every website, every landing page, every product page, home page, about page, and every email sent need to use the right language to draw traffic. (Not to mention blogging!)

Let’s take a look at the responsibilities of a content manager:

  • Researching topics for the different products or services for each of your clients.
  • Write, edit, proofread and publish a variety of written content.
  • Perform keyword research and optimize content according to SEO guidelines.
  • Have a knack for understanding what customers need and recommending angles for blogs, emails, etc.
  • Creating editorial calendars for clients and internal marketing.
  • Working within a variety of content management systems.

The Funnels and Analytics Guru

Your ecommerce marketing services won’t even get off the ground without the right person in this important seat.

Here’s what your funnels and analytics expert will do for your ecommerce business:

  • Building beautiful funnels that, aside from looking good, convert, too.
  • Making sure that all the systems are integrated and are speaking to each other so no lead gets lost in the shuffle. 
  • Setting up tracking and adding tags and pixels.
  • Setting up and testing emails.
  • Split-testing funnel pages and running Google Optimize tests.
  • Creating a good way to monitor data and analyze results. (At Flight Media, we use Databox!) 

The Behind-The-Scenes Support

We’ve covered just about everything, right? 

Not yet. Because there has to be a backbone to the business. The person who handles all the little details that no one sees. (Who do you think makes sure you get paid?)

Here are a few of the tasks that your behind-the-scenes guru will get done for your agency:

  • Payroll.
  • Handling the company calendar.
  • Paying the bills.
  • Making sure everyone has what they need, including things like tissues and pens and toilet paper.
  • Organizing team events/celebrations.
  • Interacting with clients and making sure they’re paying what they owe, on time.
  • Fixing. Lots of fixing. A variety of fixing!
  • And a whole lot more!

Final Thoughts

Your ecommerce digital marketing agency will flourish when you have the right people in the right seats. 

To meet the needs of your clients – and to draw new ones – you need to have people on your team who are experienced and dedicated in their roles.

A project manager who is organized and agile.

A developer/designer who is both creative and technically skilled.

A PPC expert who stays up to date on the latest in each ad platform and manages every aspect well.

A content person who can write to match the tone of each of your clients.

A funnels and analytics guru who can master CRO.

And a behind-the-scenes support who keeps the business running.

If you’d rather hire a team that has all these roles filled, let’s talk about how Flight Media can help you make your ecommerce store more profitable.

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