Does Inbound Marketing Work?

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Does Inbound Marketing Work?

This question make take you aback, especially coming from an inbound marketing agency.

We full-heartedly believe in what we do. And we’ve seen inbound marketing work time and time again.

And we’ve seen inbound marketing work time and time again.

If you’re considering working with an inbound marketing agency…. If you’re a HubSpot user and can’t get it to work on your own… If your marketing strategy hasn’t been updated in this century…

It’s a fair question to ask: Does inbound marketing work?

And more importantly: Will I get a great return on investment?

As Lean Labs eloquently states: “The days of lying, cheating, stealing, and bullying consumers into buying a product or service are over. It’s a dying way to do business. Why? Because information is power, and thanks to the internet, the consumers have all the power. The only way to take advantage of this shift is to become truly helpful, which is the cornerstone of the Inbound methodology.”

If you’re considering inbound marketing, you’re definitely moving in the right direction.

Let’s dive into some answers to the question, using some of our very own clients’ strategies as evidence. Then, we’ll draw some conclusions.

Inbound marketing strategies and ROI

Every day, we see evidence of inbound at work with our own clients.

Let’s look at two fairly recent examples.

Working closely with Kaplan Mobray as his marketing team, we helped him increase RFP’s by 600%, starting on his inbound marketing campaign from scratch.

You can read more about his customized strategy and results in this case study.

Another client, CrossFit Chimney Rock, came to us for a rebrand  –  and later for growth-driven website design work.

Building a new website from scratch for CrossFit, we quickly drove 15,000 visits to their website (with over 50% of that traffic being organic), built large social media followings, and attracted lots of repeat visits.

Learn more about CrossFit’s web design strategy in this case study.

Studies on inbound marketing’s effectiveness and return on investment also prove its worth.

Here are a couple of notable stats:

  • It lowers the cost per lead significantly. For companies with 1-25 employees, inbound leads cost $37 each, compared to $102 for other methods. For companies with 51-200 employees, inbound leads required $70 compared to $220. For companies over 1,000 employees, leads cost $27 compared to $45.
  • It boosts organic traffic, reducing your dependence on paid traffic. See this case study.
  • Marketing and sales are better aligned through inbound marketing, especially when a service level agreement (SLA) is in place.
  • And perhaps most importantly, inbound aligns (as stated above) with how consumers are “consuming” information.

Inbound marketing conclusions

Is inbound marketing one-size-fits-all?

Definitely not.

Sure, we’ll run your brand and buyer persona through the same paces as we would for any client, but then we create a customized approach to your inbound marketing.

We'll create your persona’s “buyer journey,” and map out the content needed to help move your persona through each stage of the process  –  and convert these leads into customers.

For inbound to work, it MUST be tailored to your needs.

Will inbound marketing get immediate results?

Yes. We’ll combine paid strategies to get traffic coming in right away, but merge that with the long-term organic efforts.

Is strategy set in stone?

Never. Think of inbound marketing as a try-it-and-see type of machine, not a set-it-and-forget-it effort. We will try and test multiple approaches to see what works for your audience and your brand, and what doesn’t.

We call this an agile approach to inbound marketing. We know inbound marketing works because we’ve seen it happen  –  again and again.

Do you have questions about whether inbound marketing works? Call us to chat about it  –  anytime!

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