Custom Marketing Template to Build a Lead Magnet That Works

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Custom Marketing Template to Build a Lead Magnet That Works

Note: This blog is part of a three-blog series on creating custom marketing campaigns. In part 1, we focus on real custom marketing examples we created for our clients. In part 2, we created a custom marketing checklist to help you cover all the bases  In part 3 below, we give you some templates to help you build your own campaigns, customized to your business and your needs. Let’s dive in.

You need a lead magnet to increase your qualified leads. People who have a need your business can solve and have decided to take that first step. 

These are the perfect candidates for future sales – if you play your cards right.

Here’s what NOT to do:

Take one of your services, write all about it, slap it on your website and hope they buy.

This build-it-and-they-will-come approach generally doesn’t work.

Here’s what DOES work:

A custom marketing template to create an on-demand video training, or lead magnet, that gets attention – and drives sales!

What Is An On-Demand Video Training Lead Magnet?

This type of lead magnet is simply a video training that you record. 

You’ll generate a Facebook ad campaign to distribute the video. You can also add it to your website – within blogs, as a pop-up, etc.

Anyone who signs up to watch it (and gives you their contact information in exchange) can watch it anytime. That’s why it’s “on demand.”


We’ve found that an on-demand training gets better traction in most cases than a webinar training, which people have to sign up to watch at a particular time.

Here is a custom marketing template we use to create an on-demand video training lead magnet and go from marketing lead to sales.

Use This Custom Marketing Template

Answer these questions to strategize WHAT you will sell, what to talk about in the video, and then determine the best call-to-action.

  1. What service will you be selling?
  2. What will be the price point?
  3. Who is your audience? (It should be broad enough to capture enough leads; not too narrow that it’s limited.)
  4. What should the CTA be at the end of the video? Suggestions: Book Free Assessment Call, Book Free Strategy Call
  5. What are 3-4 points you can teach people in the video that they didn’t know? Each point should be 4-5 minutes long. These points should be specific to show your expertise. They should give audience tangible advice and show them how to solve the problem on their own. The idea is to give them a teaser, part of the solution, without revealing everything.
  6. These 3 points should also solve the audiences’ pain points and naturally lead into the next step: What do you want them to do after they watch the video?
    A. Book a call with your team?
    B. Watch a demo of your product? 

Whatever it is, make sure you clearly outline for your leads what their next step should be. 

Use this information to build your on-demand video training script and watch your lead magnet take off.

Building Your Lead Magnet

The list of questions will help you get started with your on-demand video training lead magnet campaign.

But we’re not stopping there.

We’re giving you even more custom marketing template resources to help you build your lead magnet.

Here is an on-demand video we’ve generated (using the outline above) for one of our own custom marketing campaigns that got almost 1000 leads in 2 months, followed by over $5K in sales. 

Need more help? We’d love to talk to you about your marketing, campaign ideas and building your next lead magnet – so you can build a custom marketing plan to drive sales. Schedule your free lead magnet strategy session today!

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