Custom Strategy Yields 34% Marketing ROI (Case Study)

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Custom Strategy Yields 34% Marketing ROI (Case Study)

Before we started working with this residential and commercial floor cleaning company, they were struggling with their marketing. Here’s what they had to say about their experience managing their own marketing:

“We knew that inbound marketing was in our future, but our website, some of our systems and even some of our content, seemed like it was stuck in the past decade – it was old, it was outdated."

But there’s so much going on in the marketing world today, and for us as a small company, we sometimes felt overwhelmed. We’d work and work but almost felt like the gerbil on the wheel. We’d be running hard, but we really didn’t make any improvements. We weren’t getting anywhere. “

They turned to Flight Media and we partnered to create a custom marketing plan that would yield a positive ROI.

And, boy, did it ever.

What is custom marketing?

Custom marketing is an approach that’s uniquely suited to a company’s business goals, industry, customers, needs and budget. There are no cookie-cutter tactics used in this method.

Intro to Marketing ROI

We worked conjointly with the client to uncover their primary buyer persona, outlined this customer’s problems, and then positioned their business to be the solution-provider for this audience.

Here’s what the client had to say about this phase of the project:

“So when we connected up with Flight Media, all of that changed really fast for us. With your large team of experienced professionals, we were able to work in several different areas at the same time and get a lot of objectives done quickly. 

We were able to work on projects like website development, email marketing, blog development, sales process – all at the same time and move forward really, really quick. 

In contrast, our past service providers moved really slow. Sometimes, unfortunately, the staff just didn’t have the experience to make our marketing efforts cohesive. So, we wasted a lot of energy and time, and we lost a lot of sales.”



Let’s dive into the specific strategies we generated to build their custom marketing strategy and look at the results based on hard data.

The Strategy That Yielded a Positive Marketing ROI

The business had been blogging, but struggled to know exactly how to use their CRM, HubSpot, and as a result, had lots of great content but with copious SEO errors (like duplicate blogs, duplicate titles, 404 errors, etc.)

We came up with a strategy for their marketing that included:

  • Creating 4 blogs per month.
  • Managing their Google ads.
  • Managing Facebook ads.
  • Multiple email marketing campaigns per quarter.
  • Data analysis and reporting.
  • Complete website redesign.

The Numbers: Breaking Down Marketing ROI

Let’s review the results from the first 8 months of working with us. The client was super-thrilled:

It’s just been a whole different thing working with the whole group at Flight Media. They were all really comfortable talking about return on investment and making sure we got results, not just clicks. That was completely different than other people that we had spoken with.

Now, with the systems Flight Media has implemented, it’s easy for us to see where clients are coming from, how many customers we have, what our dollar volumes from those customers are, and then, those follow-up systems we have in place are allowing us to close many more deals. [The results] have been proven to us because we can see it. 

After about a year of stagnant sales we had here at our company, we’ve seen revenue growth really start to take off, and in fact, recently we had a record month.”

The overall numbers revealed a 34.14% return on investment, based on the cost of their contract with us and their total sales. And this includes the time we spent onboarding the client and setting everything up for success.  Fun fact: in the last 4 months of working together, their ROI was actually 91.65%! 

Here’s a closer look at how these numbers break down.

1. The Website

marketing performance data

This chart shows the all-time data over the past 8 months of website traffic, new contacts, and conversions, or the number of new customers they gained.

phone-tracking data

We installed phone-tracking software on their website to track the number of customers that the website yielded. They received 2,487 calls and 1,751 first-time callers within the last 12 months.

Collectively, their website converted 2,258 visitors into requests for proposals (RFPs) – or sales-qualified leads requesting a quote for the service. 

That’s a 3.14% conversion rate.

2. The Content

We employed a content strategy of creating topic clusters and pillar pages, addressing buyer questions and solving buyer problems. Like this blog:

customer problem-solving blog

Here’s what their overall website traffic looks like, with the green section representing organic traffic.

website traffic analysis data

Below, you can see that organic search yielded 276 new contacts and 126 new customers, far outperforming other traffic sources like social media, email, paid and direct. 

website traffic analysis data

You can also see in the graph below that “time per pageview” is very high, which means that users are staying on their blog pages for a very long time and that the content is providing value.

website page view data

3. Email Marketing

We’ve built a robust email marketing system that continues to generate revenue from the existing contacts on our client’s email list. And the emails are designed to nurture new contacts until they are ready to purchase. 

Here’s an overview of the strategy: 

  • We send two newsletters per month, which highlight recent blogs, discounts and specials, and they always get great engagement and bring in sales. The average open rate is 30% and the click-through rate (CTR) hovers around 5-6%.
  • We have generated educational nurturing campaigns, where we share cleaning tips with their segmented lists (targeting residential and commercial prospects and customers). The response from their audience was phenomenal! Not only do they love the tips, but our client has had over 50 sales coming in as a result of this campaign.
  • We send event-based email campaigns throughout the year to ensure that we’re targeting the audience’s problems and challenges, reaching out with the right message at the right time – offering the best deals to their list to convert them into customers. 

For the call-to-action (CTA) in their emails, we almost always use “Request Service” or “Give us a call.” 

So far, their emails generated close to 400 calls in the 12 months, and each email has at least 2% CTR.

4. Paid Ads

We honed in on Google Ads for this client, as they performed well. Overall, their investment in having us manage their ads produced a 12.31% ROI. 

While the ads are bringing in new business, these customers are being funneled into email nurturing sequences that will yield more revenue down the line, as they purchase again through upselling and cross-selling campaigns.

Marketing ROI: How to Get Your Own Positive Results

If you’re thinking about partnering with a marketing agency to generate results like this, consider Flight Media. We’re committed to creating custom marketing strategies for every client, based on their business goals, industry and budget.


Schedule your consultation today and find out how you can advance your marketing in 2020.

Need more proof of our commitment to ROI and custom marketing strategies? Read this case study.

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