3 Crucial Sales Buckets You Need To Sustain Your Business

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3 Crucial Sales Buckets You Need To Sustain Your Business

What are the three most important sales buckets?

The three most important sales buckets are:

  1. Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQL)
  2. A purchased list of verified, qualified leads
  3. The behavioral bucket

If you have a sales team that needs to get on calls, needs to prospect, or needs sales leads that they can actually begin going after, this information is for you. 

Because after all of our years of working with mid-market and enterprise businesses, we’ve seen companies make this sales mistake over and over.

And it’s simply not having enough sales buckets. 

By “sales buckets,” I mean sales lead buckets.

In this blog, I’m going to give you three sales buckets that you can take and implement to make sure that your sales team never runs out of leads to prospect.

Three Crucial Sales Buckets 

The way that your organization grows is by your sales team prospecting. 

That's really it.

Salespeople grow organizations by prospecting. 

Prospecting looks different in every industry and there are different methodologies available to you. 

But, if your salespeople don't have a planned process for prospecting – and they don't have buckets to pull from – they're going to run dry. 

And they’re going to waste a ton of time. 

These are the three buckets that I always recommend having in play. 

1. Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQL)

The first one is from a marketing standpoint, because marketing plays a big role in delivering inbound leads. 

An inbound marketing lead is somebody who fills out a form on your website for an ebook, a webinar, or a contact form. 

Or the lead could be from a user who fills out a form to schedule a call.

It’s pretty general and generic, but you need to have this lead bucket. 

The problem is that there's never enough. 

Trust me, I know. Our organization lives on helping other companies generate leads. That's what we do. 

We're a marketing agency and, out of all the hundreds of thousands of leads that we've driven, these marketing leads alone are not enough to keep salespeople busy and sustain a business.

2. A Purchased List That Fits Your Ideal Customer Criteria

You absolutely need lead lists that are cold. 

It baffles me when an organization makes their sales team get their own leads.

It doesn't cost very much to purchase a list of verified targeted leads that are in a certain revenue and employee range that fit all the criteria that they need for customers to purchase.

If you are purchasing lists like this, it will give your sales team leads to go after without having to find them on their own. 

Here’s an example. 

I have a friend who's a salesperson in a large organization in Denver, Colorado. 

We were meeting and talking about sales, and he told me he prospects through Google.

He manually searches for companies that he wants to prospect, manually adds them to a spreadsheet, which he then also uploads to the CRM, and then pursues it.

These methods are time consuming, time-wasting and costly.

Why do that when you could just use a tool like and purchase a hyper-targeted verified list? 

3. A Behavioral Bucket

The CRM we use is HubSpot, but there are a ton of others out there. 

Most CRMs will allow you to filter a targeted list of people who have taken behavioral actions like visiting your website, opening a sales email, click on a sales email, visit a particular page, and/or watch a video to a certain percentage of completion. 

Recently, our sales team got together and we ran a report over the past 24 to 48 hours to see the users who had actually visited a page or opened one of our sales emails that we had sent them. The report gave us a list of 206 contacts.

So guess what? Our sales team now has 206 people they can call, email or send a video voicemail to. 

This list is hyper-targeted. It's warm. The leads are in our CRM, in our database. 

This is one of the most powerful sales buckets, because I can see when a lead just visited certain pages, opened an email, clicked the link and downloaded an ebook or watched a training. 

It also gives me material to talk to them about when I call them. 

Final Thoughts

Once you put these three sales lead buckets in place, your team will have a never-ending list – or at least a much larger source – of sales leads to prospect and grow your company's revenue. 

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