Creative COVID-19 Marketing Ideas

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Creative COVID-19 Marketing Ideas

Creativity is tested during challenging seasons – like when the entire country is in quarantine and only essential businesses can continue operations.

We’ve collected stories of inspiring responses to marketing and sales over the past weeks that should encourage your team to think outside of the box, sustain your business, and build momentum for when the quarantine gradually lifts.

Denny’s Gaming

There’s a new sheriff in town! Denny’s is now getting into the gaming culture, joining players on Xbox One and PS4 as Dennys247. When it connects with other players in the game, they give them a code or discount to use at a nearby location. Brilliant marketing idea!

Oscar Mayer Cookouts

This brand is encouraging people to have a neighborhood cookout as the weather warms up – at the appropriate social distance of course. But in this case, they’re recommending that neighbors stay 12 hot dog lengths apart for safety. 

And every time someone posts a picture on social media of their gathering and uses the hashtag “FrontYardCookout,” the brand will donate a meal. What a great way to give back.

Campbell Soup Co. Promoting Togetherness

Campbell Soup began airing a short commercial showcasing scenarios of people at home, making the best of social distancing rules. It was a way to highlight the good coming out of a tough situation, as well as the human spirit and our ability to endure as Americans.

McDonald’s Normalcy

This brand promoted two different campaigns, “Lights On” and “Still the Same” to instill a sense of normalcy in the mundane actions we could take every day, like texting our order to McDonald’s.

Cooking With Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben’s has focused campaigns on cooking with kids for many years, and the brand took this opportunity to emphasize how families can capitalize on a new routine: making dinners together and using grandma’s recipes.


NBA Face Masks

The NBA has created face masks with their teams’ branding on them. Proceeds from the sale of these masks will go to Second Harvest (Canada) and Feeding America here.

Penguin Random House Publisher

The publisher released a digital cookbook for less than $6 that features celebrity recipes, and all proceeds go to the Restaurant Workers’ COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. 

Impossible Foods

The producer of plant-based burger meat alternative pushed ahead of its regular schedule to expand into additional grocery stores. It was able to get into over 750 stores and capitalize on the increased grocery shopping consumers are doing during the quarantine. 

They are simultaneously pushing home cooking via its social media channels to help people prepare nutritious from-scratch food. This is a creative marketing strategy to promote the purchase of their products.


While the shoe store chain had to shut down its stores due to the pandemic, it established a creative partnership with a midwestern grocery store chain: Hy-Vee. The chain features smaller DSW stores inside their own stores, and their digital platforms for online purchases. They are also working on a way to purchase DSW shoes online and then pick up the product inside the grocery stores.

Everyday Brands

We helped one of our own clients who works in the service industry adjust its floor cleaning service campaigns to capitalize on what they could do during COVID restrictions, and to ensure they gain momentum during the downtime. You can read about it here.

If you’d like help coming up with a creative marketing campaign for your business, reach out. We are currently offering free marketing consulting sessions via our website. You can schedule yours via the chatbox that pops up here.

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