How We Helped A Client Successfully Navigate COVID [Creative Marketing Ideas]

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How We Helped A Client Successfully Navigate COVID [Creative Marketing Ideas]

When businesses started realizing the significant effects of COVID-19 on day-to-day operations, sustainability and sales and revenue – and then the government’s shutdown of all non-essential businesses – it was easy to become distraught.

There was no more doing “business as usual.” 

And there were two possible responses to what was going on:

  1. Give into fear and lay down and “take it.”
  2. Or fight back, and approach the situation as aggressively as possible.

We knew that we wanted to help our clients do the second option.

Here’s an inside look at how we shifted our approach and played a critical, essential role in helping our clients stay afloat and prepare for the time when non-essential businesses can open up again.

Creative, Agile Marketing Tactics During COVID

In this article, we’re going to show you two things:

  1. Exactly what we were doing for one client, a professional services company in the cleaning industry (who was dependent on being able to go into homes and businesses to perform a service).
  2. And the marketing tactics we shifted to once COVID hit and the company was deemed non-essential by their state government.

How We Were Helping With Marketing Pre-COVID

Prior to COVID hitting the business community hard and fast, our marketing agency was helping this company with various inbound marketing efforts.

We’d been working together for about two years and we’d helped them generate a 34% return on investment for their marketing efforts.

We were building a spring cleaning campaign, paid ads based on timeless ad copy, creating blogs and newsletters – you know, the standard stuff.

But as the reality of the extensive impact COVID would have on the country became clear, and we could sense our client’s fear, we followed one of our company’s core values: to be agile at all times.

Being Agile With Marketing When COVID Hit

We immediately began meeting with our client weekly (previously, we were meeting every two weeks) to brainstorm ideas based on what was happening in the moment. 

And we asked ourselves one question: 

What can we do over the next month to prepare for a strong fiscal second half of the year?

We put a halt to some of our regular activities, like the spring cleaning campaign and regular paid ads, for example, and came up with a list of marketing ideas we could potentially do.

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Our COVID Marketing Plan Of Attack

We landed on the following ideas and our team immediately went to work on creating and implementing them.

  • We kept the most successful email campaign running, which consisted of a series of cleaning tips sent to two different audiences and historically secured the highest number of requests for service.
  • The client wanted to continue with their blogging efforts, to ensure consistency and continue touchpoints with their email list.
  • We created two new ad campaigns that could go out during the COVID restrictions, one for each of our client’s two primary audiences, that would encourage people to purchase a service now at a discount, but the service would be delivered once our client was allowed to do business again. Essentially, people would pre-pay to lock in service at a discounted rate.
  • We created two additional paid ad campaigns that we’d release once the restrictions lifted, again, offering a discount for booking services. The theme was “things got really dirty and messy during the quarantine; it’s time to clean up,” using audience-specific language and pain points in each campaign. These are ready to launch, as soon as our client is free to open their business.
  • We created a COVID-specific free offer campaign, which centered around a two-page checklist. And we crafted supporting materials around it to collect leads: a landing page and thank you page in our client’s HubSpot account, announcement emails that would go out to the current email list and any lead generated through paid ads, and then nurturing emails to send to contacts once they downloaded the checklist that would push them to purchase services.
  • We installed a chatbot on their website and tweaked the questions to automate some of the lead generation process for our client, who now didn’t have any sales people available to answer chat questions.
  • We took advantage of the downtime to work on fine-tuning their existing sales cadences, call scripts and email templates, so the client would be ready to handle the volume of leads and sales, once restrictions were lifted.

Our team was able to complete the entire COVID checklist campaign in one week and launched just one week ago (as of the writing of this blog). Here’s what our client had to say:

email message

Get Your Creative Marketing Ideas Going

Yes, things are different now, and we don’t know when business will get back to normal. 

But one thing we do know is that companies that think outside of the box and adjust what they’re doing are the ones that can sustain business – and come back even stronger.

If you’d like help with marketing during these strange and challenging times, feel free to reach out! We’re offering free marketing consultation sessions for organizations this month. You can schedule yours via the chatbox that pops up here. So go ahead: Take advantage of our collective brain power. ;) 

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