The Cost of Hiring: Inbound Agency Vs. In-House Hire [Infographic]

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The Cost of Hiring: Inbound Agency Vs. In-House Hire [Infographic]

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 8/15/17 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

We know how great it can be to trust your inbound marketing to an agency.

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After all: That’s what we do! 

And we’ve built successful relationships with clients, working as part of their team to build a strong, effective, results-based inbound marketing campaign.

But we got to wondering: Which option costs more?

And the question of the cost of hiring an inbound marketing agency vs. and in-house hire comes up a lot when we talk to businesses.

We break it down in this article, or you can see an overview of the numbers and benefits in the infographic below.

We’ve covered tangible costs and intangible factors for both options.

(Keep reading after the infographic for more information.)

InboundAgencyOrInHouseHire (1)

Inbound Marketing Agency vs. In-House Hire

It’s not always easy to make the choice to work with an inbound agency or an in-house hire.

In some situations, hiring someone in-house may make the most sense. 

But, then again, outsourcing to an agency might be the better route.

The most important thing is that you understand the ins and outs of each option so you can make the best decision for your organization.

Let’s look at the numbers.

Training/Ramp-Up Time

  • In-House Hire: $1800+
  • Inbound Agency: $0

Continuing Education

  • In-House Hire: $2500
  • Inbound Agency: $0

Software Costs

  • In-House Hire: $3000
  • Inbound Agency: $0


  • In-House Hire: $3800+
  • Inbound Agency: $0


  • In-House Hire: $1500+
  • Inbound Agency: $0


  • In-House Hire: $1000
  • Inbound Agency: $0

Space, Utilities, Internet, Snacks

  • In-House Hire: $1200+
  • Inbound Agency: $0


  • In-House Hire: Costly
  • Inbound Agency: Priceless


  • In-House Hire: Lengthy
  • Inbound Agency: Quick


  • In-House Hire: Impossible
  • Inbound Agency: Easy

Final Thoughts

While it’s true that hiring an inbound marketing agency may not be right for everyone, all the time, it is a great option for your business if you want to grow your brand, increase your influence and ultimately bring in more revenue.




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