5 Copywriting Mistakes That Kill Your Lead Generation

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5 Copywriting Mistakes That Kill Your Lead Generation

Copy shouldn’t be an afterthought.

 At least, not if you want to drive lead generation on your website.

Great writing is actually a science. Your website copy has to be based on scientific data about how to persuade people to buy.

If your website isn’t generating leads, it could be because you’ve committed these copywriting mistakes.

Avoid Lead-Generation-Killing Copywriting Mistakes 

1. Writing Copy That Doesn’t Make Prospects Feel

Words can and should convey emotion.

Getting prospects to feel something propels them to act on that feeling.

But to get at these feelings, you have to know what keeps prospects up at night. What pains them? What do they need? What do they care about?

Start honing in on these feelings, and you’ll increase lead generation.

2. Trying To Sell On Price

Many businesses think they have to compete on price. Offer the lowest price, and people will come running. Right?


Here’s an insight that will change your business: It’s far more effective to sell “time” than money.

It’s true! That’s why the slogan “It’s Miller Time!” worked. People that can connect an experience to your product will then transfer feelings from that experience onto your product or service.

And they’ll be more willing to buy – or download your free ebook, sign up for a newsletter, etc.

The issues that really matter to your customers, like time, objectives and troubles, are the things that will make them willing to buy – and pay more for the product.

Stop trying to sell on price, and speak to your prospect’s more important need: Time.

3. Not Paying Attention To the details.

Contrary to what you’ve probably been thinking, you DO need to sweat the small stuff.

Think about it. This small yet impactful change makes a huge difference to prospects:

  • A “$10 fee” OR
  • A “small $10 fee”

See the difference that one word makes?

Which one would you be more tempted to click on, or would compel you to buy?

Your lead generation depends on the details.

4. Relying On Description

If you’re selling something, it seems logical to use descriptive language to help prospects pull the trigger.

That means using lots of great adjectives to describe what you do or to tell about your products, right?

A dependable car. A creative leader.

Turns out, verbs matter a lot, too. Maybe even more.

Verbs are action words; they hold a lot of weight because they describe what you DO.

Here’s the difference:

  • Adjective-centric: The coaching is comprehensive and self-paced.
  • Verb-centric: The coaching program drives revenue and fits into your schedule

5. Shying Away From Power Words

Some words pack more of a punch than others.

When you create copy, you need to know what these words are and why they work. A few of the best power words are:

  • You. People like to see their own name; it activates their brain. When you speak to them using a pronoun, the same thing happens. Ultimately, it engages them and builds trust.
  • Free. It’s no wonder “free” gets results. Bottom line: People want to get something for free!
  • Because. Research shows that people will follow a directive when the word “because” is used. Tell them “why” to do something and they will!
  • Instantly. A quick reward is the ultimate motivation, so using “instantly” in your copy encourages people to buy because you’ll help solve their problem quickly.
  • New. Using the power word “new” activates the reward center in our brains. Ultimately, it’ll help people be happy with their decision to buy.

Final Thoughts

The good news about copywriting mistakes is that you can easily fix them.

If you’re making any of these faux-pas, make a plan to resolve them soon and watch your lead generation turn around! 

Here's how to avoid copywriting mistakes that kill your lead generation

  1. Write in a way that connects readers emotionally.
  2. Don't use price as the main selling point.
  3. Pay attention to the details.
  4. Use verbs to encourage action.
  5. Put power words to work.

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