Content That Generates Traffic: 4 Types To Try

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Content That Generates Traffic: 4 Types To Try

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 9/20/15 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

What type of content generates traffic?

These four types of content generate traffic:

  1. Interviews with industry experts
  2. Webinars about challenging topics
  3. In-depth posts addressing tough problems
  4. Curated content with helpful information

The right type of targeted content can dramatically increase your traffic

But not through wicked dark magic. 


It happens through the careful planning, execution and marketing of every post. 

In an age when everyone jumps on the content bandwagon, your brand must do something to stand out.

“Ok, so what can I do?” 

Good question. 

Let’s talk about 4 types of content that can bring you more traffic, leads and conversions.

Content That Generates Traffic: Start Here

1. Interviews With Industry Experts

Industry experts bring both their credibility and reputation to any piece of content. 

When you land an interview, it transfers a portion of that clout to your content. 

People will trust you because they trust the expert. 

The Entrepreneur on Fire podcast is an example that does this amazingly well. 

An added benefit? 

Experts have a large circle of passionate fans ready to share and promote. 

Interviews give you the chance to tap into the expert’s audience and enjoy his traffic. 

Once you publish the interview, email and ask him to share it on social channels. 

When he does, enjoy the traffic, credibility and reputation boost that share brings.

2. Webinars About Challenging Topics

A webinar creates an intimate environment for you to connect with new and established audience members. 

Throughout the webinar, you will build trust among the audience through targeted, in-depth teaching

Successful people love learning. 

When you can provide knowledge on challenging topics, people will flock to hear your insights. 


Not only will a properly promoted webinar drive traffic, but it will also drive sales. 

People purchase from those they know, like and trust. 

Spending 30-60 minutes teaching a person how to accomplish something connects you to that person. 

Follow your webinar with a strong email marketing campaign to get the largest ROI out of this form of content marketing.

3. In-Depth Posts Addressing Tough Problems

People need comprehensive information. 

In a world of fluffy, redundant articles, your industry needs a fresh voice offering staggering insights and compelling research. 

Post length directly correlates to the amount of shares a post gets. 

Research by Buzzsumo reveals the difference in shares based on the depth of the content.  

content that generates traffic and shares

It’s clear that people want depth, and the data shows that your audience will feel more compelled to share content that provides a deep level of value. 

Your audience shares, more people click. And the more people that click, the more traffic you build. 

It’s a powerful cycle built from the simple, daunting task of building long-form blog posts.

4. Curated Content With Immensely Helpful Information

Some of the best content you ever create will feature content you didn’t create at all. 

And no, I’m not talking about plagiarizing. That’s definitely no way to generate traffic.


I’m talking about curated content – collecting content that others have created and formatting a resource for your readers. 

It works because every blogger wants some recognition. 

And when you include them on your curated list, they’ll be super grateful that you thought of them. 

So, not only will your regular readers appreciate the resource, but the person you’ve included is likely to share it out, bringing in some of their audience as well. 

It’s a win-win for everyone involved. 

Jump-Start Your Content’s Traffic

If you’re serious about generating traffic, consider making these four types of content a part of your regular rotation.

Interviews with experts, webinars, relevant in-depth posts and valuable curated content will all drive people to your website and give your business a boost.

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