5 Reasons To Use “Click-To-Call” – Hint: It Increases Conversions

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5 Reasons To Use “Click-To-Call” – Hint: It Increases Conversions

5 Reasons to Use “Click-to-Call”

  1. It increases conversions.
  2. It enhances mobile use.
  3. It aligns with your industry.
  4. It saves you money.
  5. It provides a tailored experience.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 3/30/18 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

If not, you should.

88% of visitors are more likely to contact your company if you provide a “click-to-call” widget on your website.


So, why aren’t more businesses utilizing this option when the conversion statistics are clearly evident?

Perhaps they don’t know about this stat.

Now that you know how powerful it is, find out why your business needs a click-to-call service in 2019.

Why Bother?

You may believe that consumers no longer use the phone. But nothing could be further from the truth.

According to a study by Marchex, consumers will spend $1.12 trillion through click-to-call mechanisms this year.


It’s easy to forget about the power of connecting with customers through simple conversation devices like click-to-call since the average business owner is usually focused on selling products, services and communication online.

Before making a purchase, customers often want access to more information – and quickly.

The click-to-call feature is a link on the page that brings up your phone number and the option to call your business once a user clicks on it.

Click-to-call is one of the easiest solutions you can give users to quickly get in touch with you for free using a link or call-to-action (CTA) button on your website.


Why Use It?

#1: It’ll Increase Conversions.

Users who choose to call are what I like to refer to as “ready-to-buy” consumers. They’re the best kind, too!


Studies show that adding a single click-to-call call-to-action led to a 400% increase in call-to-conversion rate.

Now that’s a number worth pursuing!

Using click-to-call software gives your business the chance to upsell consumers on the phone, which, according to studies, can result in 23% more sales overall.

Even having a phone number prominently displayed on your website contributes to overall higher conversions.

If you want to capture your leads while they’re hot, listen up!

When users click-to-call on your website or mobile, they’re ripe to buy and looking for answers.

Capture them immediately by using a click-to-call button and your sales and revenue are sure to skyrocket.

#2: It’ll Enhance Mobile Use.

Everyone has a smartphone these days.

Capturing mobile users means that your business needs to implement what works best for the customer of today on that given platform.

Did you know that 90% of mobile searches result in a phone call?

That’s an impressive statistic.


If in fact you’re looking to design a website or have a face lift, you won’t want to overlook these statistics – even if they're slightly intimidating!

Adapting to your users’ needs for mobile isn’t just important, it’s essential to increasing your traffic, user performance, and revenue.


Mobile click-to-call example: Call Now Button Plugin


Mobile click-to-call example: Google AdWords Option 

#3: It’ll Align With Your Industry.

Knowing your target audience and understanding its purchasing behavior can determine whether a click-to-call CTA is favorable for your business.

88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours.

Pro Tip: 

Providing a click-to-call code on your website and mobile site is an undeniable way to reach Millennials (ages 23-38). Millennials are eager to connect directly with your business, and their spending habits account for more than $1.3 trillion annually! You can’t deny wanting to tap into that market.

#4: It’ll Save You Money.

Strengthening your customer service and adapting your website to meet the needs of your users is the single most important focus for your business.

For example, 64% of customers become frustrated if they visit a website that doesn’t list a phone number.


In fact, conversions decrease when the website doesn’t have the business’ phone number present and visible.

If you only offer customers the option to fill out a form to contact you, you’re actually discouraging communication that could lead to a sale and offering poor customer service.

On the other hand, your target audience will click on the click-to-call button if it is available and visible, no matter the device they’re using.

Click-to-call campaigns have proven to have a high ROI and the statistics support this notion.

Another bonus: 

Click-to-call rates are considerably lower than acquiring a toll-free number.

#5: It’ll Provide A Tailored Experience.

Whether it’s through mobile or desktop, your customers want the same experience. 9 out of 10 consumers expect to receive a consistent experience over multiple contact channels.

A click-to-call call-to-action lets customers experience the same service on a desktop as they do on a mobile device. This is done by transmitting telephone calls over an IP network such as the internet (VoIP).

Your users need a smooth, streamlined process for actions like making a purchase on your website, filling out a form, or contacting your office.

Here's a round-up of three bite-sized click-to-call services that show the desktop experience.


Desktop click-to-call example: Agendize


Desktop click-to-call example:


Desktop click-to-call example: Call On Click 

Are You Ready To Respond?

“Click-to-call” service is a sure way to engage your audience and stay on top of customer service.

However - don’t get caught with your pants down!


Having a button for your users to click means they’re going to click it. You (or your sales team) need to be ready to accommodate the 20% increase in calls – AND to engage in click-to-call-tracking.

Here are 3 micro-sized tidbits about CLICK-to-CALL you’ll want to take away from this post:  

  • Consider your industry. Invest in click-to-call if you’re in an industry where consumers are more likely to use it.
  • It provides immediate feedback. Your consumers need to receive immediate customer service from your business. Meet your audience’s expectations by providing a quick and seamless entry point to get in touch.
  • It’s mobile friendly. If you use it, consumers will click it! Placing a “click-to-call” option for mobile increases conversions by 200%.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not already taking advantage of the benefits of a click-to-call button on your website, it’s time.

Not only will you increase conversions, but you’ll be giving your audience a more user-friendly mobile experience.

Click-to-call buttons also align with your industry, save you money and provide a tailored, consistent experience for the visitors to your site.

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