A Buyer’s Lifecycle Journey: From Inbound Marketing Lead to a Sale

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A Buyer’s Lifecycle Journey: From Inbound Marketing Lead to a Sale

A Buyer’s Journey: From Inbound Marketing Lead to a Sale

  • The importance of tracking and measuring what you’re doing.
  • One client’s successful inbound marketing journey.

It’s probably a question you have…

DOES inbound marketing work?

Sure, it’s nice to increase awareness of your brand through social media posts.

Yes, blogs are good for organic SEO.

OK, free offers (like ebooks) build your credibility.

But do any of these inbound marketing tactics result in leads that turn into SALES????

That’s a question we’ve had.

And the honest answer is: We’ve seen REAL sales from our inbound marketing efforts.

That’s why we’re an inbound marketing and sales agency.

We so believe in the strategies that we’ve built our entire business on helping other companies do the same.

So, if you want to know what’s really working, keep reading.


The Marketing and Sales Secret


If you want to really amp up your results, you have to do one thing:

Be able to track and then measure what you’re doing.

How else will you know if inbound marketing works?

Or if your sales strategies are getting the right leads.

The only way we have been able to track our efforts  – and then place the most emphasis on the strategies that are getting results  – is by using a CRM.

We use HubSpot for Flight Media’s marketing and sales, but there are other good ones out there, too, like SharpSpring.

The data you’re about to uncover took us 5 minutes of poking around in HubSpot’s CRM to

The power of having a robust CRM like Hubspot or SharpSpring gives you access to deep levels of intelligence about your leads and customers.

Ultimately, the data makes it easier to back your sales and marketing decisions.


One Client’s Inbound Marketing Journey


One of our existing inbound marketing clients holds a monthly retainer deal with Flight Media for a comprehensive inbound marketing campaign. We create their social media posts, monthly blogs, workflows (or emails) to his email list, website design updates, and more.

Here’s how this company’s journey to inbound started.

Step 1: Downloaded a free eBook on about Twitter on November 16, 2015.

Step 2: The owner subscribed to our weekly Newsletter.

Step 3: The subscriber read the newsletter from November 2016 to February 2017.

Step 4: Then, he officially became a customer after purchasing a seat in our “Inside Sales University” course for $1,200 on March 2017.

Step 5: Five months after joining Inside Sales University, he purchased a website from us on July 27th, 2017 for $8,000.

Step 6: Four months later, upon finishing his custom website design project, he purchased a “Flight Media Runway” (a full brand evaluation that included 4 complete marketing and sales campaigns) for $5,000 on November 8th, 2017.

Step 7: Yet another four months after completing the Runway project (which takes approximately one month), he became an inbound marketing retainer customer for $3,000/mo on February 22nd, 2018.

Let this information sink in.


Final Thoughts

From downloading an ebook that was free to the customer, this client moved through our customer lifecycle journey. He slowly invested in higher-priced products and services.

But it’s important to point out here that this customer, like most, got to know us gradually.

Through a free offer. Then an email newsletter. Then a course. Then a website design. Then finally, a monthly retainer client.

Without a CRM, we couldn’t track how customer move through our marketing and sales flows. We wouldn’t know the Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) (which in this case, is $50,200).

And it all started with a little eBook that cost $0.

That’s the power of inbound marketing and inbound sales.

Are you ready to evaluate your strategy and track what works?

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