Is Your Blog Too Broad?

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Is Your Blog Too Broad?

You've followed all the "tried and true" blogging rules.

Your layout isn't too cluttered and it’s easy to read.

You write good content with catchy headlines.

And you set up your post in a way that’s easy to read.

So why aren't you getting more traffic?


Could it be possible that your blog is too broad?

What’s The Problem With A Broad Blog?

While having a blog that covers a myriad of topics may seem like a good idea, that wide range could be what’s keeping your blog from succeeding.

Sites that try to target everyone tend to struggle with finding a dedicated audience.


You simply won’t see the increase in traffic, search engine ranking and ultimately revenue if you’re targeting a broad audience.

It’s also not ideal for engagement.

Finding your niche will prevent you from wasting time on posts that won’t get traffic and keep you engaged with your audience.


Remember: People want to know what they’re going to find when they come to your blog.

If they can’t really determine what your blog is going to tell them, they’re less likely to come back looking for information.


So how do you fix it?

1. Figure Out Your Core Topic

Choose one or two main topics that you’re going to focus on.

Your topics don't have to be extremely narrow, but they should be related somehow.

For example, you shouldn't blog about moving up the corporate ladder, growing your customer base and finding the perfect venue for your next speaking event – all on the same site. That’s just too confusing.


Online marketing and working at home? That’s fine. Especially if you want to combine the two and write about online marketing tips for home businesses.

2. Qualify Your Audience

You can't go after your target audience if you don't know who they are.

The next step is to profile your ideal reader. Who is the person you want to market to?

If you write about marketing, are you writing for a new business or an established business?

A small home entrepreneur or a bigger-budget business?

Someone who is new to marketing or someone who knows a thing or two?

The type of person you want to target will help determine the posts you’ll write about.


Here’s a real-life example of what can happen when your focus is all wrong:

Back in 2003, Song Airlines was launched. Don’t remember them? They only lasted for 3 years, and during those few years they didn’t yield a profit. Why? Instead of marketing to existing travelers who would like their service, they tried to create a whole new subculture. One of their slogans was “We are not an airline, we are a culture.” Unfortunately, no one bought into that culture and the airline quickly tanked.


Figure out how you’re going to make yourself stand out.

Yes, there are other blogs out there who will focus on your same topic.

Your job is to figure out how to position your blog and make it different.

For example, if you blog about building a course to offer to your speaking clients, think about where there seems to be a lack of information.

If you can’t carve yourself a space in the niche, think about how you can make your blog stand out.

A good way to approach this is to consider your main competition.

Why would readers go to their blog over yours? What type of content do they share? Are they more accessible on social media?

Now, determine a way to differentiate yourself and make your blog unique and a little bit better than the rest.


Blogs that are too narrow and have no real interested audience will have a hard time succeeding.

But the same can be said about blogs that are too broad.

The best way to narrow down your topic just enough and still have a truly interested audience is to do your research.

Final Thoughts

You can set your blog apart from the sea of other sites when you do your homework and create a strategy that hones in on your target audience.

Come up with a main topic, qualify your audience before you write and figure out how to make yourself different.

What kind of preliminary research do you do before launching a blog?

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