The Biggest Mistake Keynote Speakers Make That Costs BIG $$$

March 21, 2018

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The Biggest Mistake Keynote Speakers Make That Costs BIG $$$

The Biggest Mistake Keynote Speakers Make That Cost Big $$$

  1. Trying to book as many speaking gigs as possible.
  2. Focusing on book sales to raise revenue.
  3. An inbound marketing strategy zeroes in on the way today’s consumers behave.

As a keynote speaker, there’s a reality you may not want to think about or accept: Your revenue is capped at a certain point.

Because you can only book so many speaking gigs over the year.

There is only one YOU, and your time is finite.

There’s nothing that will cost you more money than to try to trade your time for dollars.

That method is not sustainable.

All you can do to grow revenue in this way is to raise your speaking fee.

But there are only so many speaking opportunities in a given year that will pay you, say $10K or $20K.

You may be thinking, But I have books I can sell.

If only I could sell a ton of books at each speaking gig, then I could make up the revenue.

Trying to be a publisher is a tough business nowadays. It’s unlikely that you even make that much money from a single book sale.

Hoping that you’ll make up a shortfall in revenue via book sales is a pipe dream at best.

So, let’s recap the biggest mistakes keynote speakers make:

Trying to book as many speaking gigs as possible, and focusing on book sales to raise revenue.

If you want to build your speaking business on an effective, tried-and-true model, you need to shed old mindsets and limiting business models.

Today, there is a much more savvy, profitable way to run your business.

It’s called inbound marketing.


Customized to your unique business needs and the industry itself, inbound marketing generates non-speaking revenue that you can’t afford to ignore.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t try to raise your speaking fee and book more gigs.

These are still important goals.

But it’s the marketing you do behind the scenes that will generate revenue while you sleep, build a predictable cash flow and alleviate the stress that a busy travel schedule affords.

The inbound way

An inbound marketing strategy takes advantage of the ways consumers are “doing business.”

With a presence on social media, an email list, and a website, your keynote speaking business can really take off.

And we dare say, that can happen without raising your speaking fee.


Consumers want to engage with brands  – and that includes keynote speakers and authors  – on the internet before they ever consider making a purchase.

They want to hear what you have to say.

They need to know IF you can solve their biggest challenges.

They have to be confident that you will give them creative, effective solutions that will change their life.

With your marketing machine (website, emails, social media posts, blogs, etc.), you can do just that.

Prospects can learn about you, your authority, your content, your products, without you having to talk to them in person.

The inbound marketing machine works in the background, letting consumers reach out to you when it’s convenient for them.

And as you nurture and engage prospects via your marketing machine, you’re building trust and authority.

When they’re ready to buy, these prospects turn into customers  – people that will buy your books, your Mastermind, your digital course, your subscription service.

Things that bring in revenue for keynote speakers.

So don’t make the mistake of focusing only on raising your speaking fee and selling more books.

Use a strategy that is proven to work  – and build a recurring revenue stream.

What elements of inbound marketing are you using and bringing in revenue?

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