The Best Web Design: 4 Quick Tips For A Sleeker Look

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The Best Web Design: 4 Quick Tips For A Sleeker Look

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 9/8/15 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

If you’re a designer or an entrepreneur who’s stepping into a designer’s shoes, you need to know how to achieve the best web design for your brand.

It’s not a one-and-done deal, though. Tweaks and changes are necessary to keep your site in tune with your goals.

The following four tips for the best web design will help you keep your site fresh and relevant. You’ll get the traffic you need to grow your business and meet your goals.

How To Achieve The Best Web Design

How to achieve the best web design

Here’s what you need to do to achieve the best web design for your site:

  1. Be strategic about your font combinations.
  2. Remember that whitespace is your friend.
  3. Put resources into UX testing.
  4. Modernize your logo.

Follow these four tips to have the best web design and keep your brand on the cutting edge.

1. Choose A Sleeker Font Pairing

Who doesn’t love a stellar font pairing? There’s just something about when a heading font complements the body font.



Magical things, my friends. Magical things.

The idea is simple: The font you select for your header should complement the font you choose for your body. Some amateur designers just choose a couple of random fonts.

That is until they learn the beauty of font combinations. 

Here are a few of our favorites.

font combinations, myriad black, minion

font combinations, antique olive bold, chaparral

font combinations, renault light, apex new

Pretty slick, right? Now that you’re all excited and ready to start finding some fresh font pairings, here's a great resource to get you started.

2. Strategically Increase Whitespace

There are plenty of controversies in the design vs. client world. 

But one that seems to stand out more than any other is the battle for whitespace.

Web designers love it. Clients want to fill it.




Strategic whitespace is truly a foundational element of the best web design. It doesn’t matter if it's for your home page or the design for your latest landing page – whitespace works.

Despite what some clients may think – every pixel doesn’t need to be covered in your promotions, messages, products or services. Sometimes it’s okay to just give it some space.

3. Invest In Some UX Testing

UX testing is an invaluable, quick way to see where your website needs improvement.

If you don’t have someone on your team who can give you this kind of feedback, there are still plenty of ways you can get an unbiased opinion. 

You could hire someone on Upwork to accomplish the task for you.

4. Design A More Modern Logo

You would be amazed at what a simple logo upgrade can do for a brand.

If your logo design is stuck in the Stone Age, then perhaps it’s time to get something more modern. 



Large brands do it all the time, so there’s no reason why your business can’t succeed with a bit of a design overhaul.

Even Google has updated their logo. This is the old design:

Google’s old logo

And then BAM! Here’s the new logo:

Google’s latest logo

What a difference just a few changes make!

Final Thoughts

As your designer works on the best web design for your brand, keep in mind that font pairings matter, whitespace is good, UX testing is worth the investment and keep your logo fresh.

Maybe you need to make a few small adjustments and you’re good to go. 

Or, perhaps your website needs a complete overhaul. Either way, these tips will help you land the best web design for your business.

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