Best Designed Websites: The Home Page (Part 2)

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Best Designed Websites: The Home Page (Part 2)

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 8/31/16 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

This is the second blog in a series of articles covering web design.

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Think of your home page like a welcome mat.

It’s where visitors will land from paid ads, a social media link, or a guest post.

So what does your home page say about your brand?

In this second article in our “Best Designed Website” series, we’re going to focus on the home page. (In the last article, we discussed good website design in general.)

Below are 10 websites that are absolutely crushing it with their beautifully designed home pages.

Brave People


Brave People Home Page

Why We Love This Home Page

Notice how the home page uses a great call-to-action (CTA): It tells the user exactly what to do – Hire Us! At the same time, the CTA is subtle and not intimidating for the user.


Brave People CTA

The home page beautifully ties together the graphics, typography and images to demonstrate a consistent message.


Brave People Home Page Messaging

The home page uses lots of white space, which makes the page easy to read and demonstrates good visual hierarchy.


Brave People White Space

Reward Expert


Reward Expert Home Page

Why We Love This Home Page

The text and images are clear and the message for users is targeted.


Reward Expert Services

The second section of the website clearly defines the services Reward Expert offers.


Reward Expert Rewards Programs

On the homepage, Reward Expert offers three tools to help users find rewards, based on their activity. The design easily segments and defines the tools using color and icons.

Redbull TV


Red Bull TV Home Page

Why We Love This Home Page

The visuals in this website design are simply stunning and top-notch quality.


Red Bull’s Stunny Images

It uses clear CTAs, making it easy for the user to know what they need to do.


Red Bull’s CTAs

It uses visuals in a great way – to differentiate the content while adding to the visual impact.


Red Bull’s Visual Impact



OARS Home Page

Why We Love This Home Page

It has tons of beautiful imagery. Need we say more?


OARS Imagery

The typography is consistent and playful.


OARS Typography

It employs good use of white space and padding between elements, providing just enough spacing so that the page is easy for users to read and make sense of. 


OARS White Space



April Home Page

Why We Love This Home Page

The style is clean and simple, following the “less is more” principle.


April’s Less Is More Philosophy

It has great use of color for hovering effects and differentiating elements.


April’s Hover Capabilities

The text weight indicates what’s important, helping to provide a good sense of visual hierarchy.


April’s Visual Hierarchy

Tourisme Charlevoix


Tourisme Charlevoix Home Page

Why We Love This Home Page

The home page changes based on the season. Brilliant!


Tourisme Charlevoix Seasonal Options

The images speak for themselves, helping to give the words on the page oomph.


Tourisme Charlevoix Images

The page offers social proof. Instead of talking about themselves, Charlevoix relies on others to share their experience on social media.


Tourisme Charlevoix Social Proof

Our Calling


Our Calling Home Page

Why We Love This Home Page

The typography is clean, simple and fresh. There’s lots of space between each line and the page employs two typefaces. As a rule of thumb, a website design should use between two to three typefaces to maintain a clean look.


Our Calling White Space and Typeface

The page provides good contrast between key elements.


Our Calling Contrast

The CTAs are carefully placed to balance the content.


Our Calling CTAs

Snake River Interiors


Snake River Interiors Home Page

Why We Love This Home Page

It has beautiful use of white space on the page, so there’s lots of breathing room throughout elements.


Snake River Interiors White Space

It depends more on images than text to tell the story, which is ideal for this interior design brand.


Snake River Visuals Tell The Story

It features a contemporary play with typography that is very well executed and consistent. Each heading maintains this contemporary look and feel – keeping in line with the rest of the page. 


This typographic treatment is out of the ordinary; however, it’s easy for the user to read and interact with.

Each heading maintains this contemporary look and feel  – keeping in line with the rest of the page.

Caption: Snake River Interiors Contemporary Feel

Visit Atikokan


Visit Atikokan Home Page

Why We Love This Home Page

The visual hierarchy is spot-on: The page clearly identifies the most important ideas at the top and then, in descending order.


Visit Atikokan Hierarchy

The images and graphics directly relate to the adventurous subject of the site.


Visit Atikokan Adventurous Branding

It uses a bold and engaging color palette, it uses nature as inspiration (yellow for sun, blue for water, brown for earth). It also uses bold tones of these colors to provide contrast between the elements and maintain the visual hierarchy.


Visit Atikokan Bold Colors Provide Contrast and Maintain Hierarchy



Unata Home Page

Why We Love This Home Page

The colors, images and sections help to clearly define each section, giving the reader a distinct visual path to experience the website.

The color helps distinguish important information from the less-important content.


Unata Color Directs Users

The hovering effects and animations are subtle and informative. Without overwhelming the user with animations, they provide interest while helping to grow users’ knowledge.


Unata Animations

Final Thoughts

Website design improves the user’s experience, welcoming them to your website and getting them to hang around. 

Clean text, a clear call to action and great use of images and color are sure to please your audience.

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