Best Designed Websites: Why Growth Matters (Part 7)

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Best Designed Websites: Why Growth Matters (Part 7)

This is the seventh blog in a series of articles covering web design.

Catch the series here:

Top 10 Best Designed Websites in 2016 (Part 1)

Best Designed Websites: The Home Page (Part 2)

Best Designed Websites: The About Page (Part 3) 

Best Designed Websites: The Services Page (Part 4)

Best Designed Websites: The Blog Page (Part 5)

Best Designed Websites: The Menu/Navigation (Part 6) 

Your website is like your flagship store.

It represents who you are, what you do and how you work  –  all in the hopes that customers will come flocking and open their wallets.

So, your website is pretty big deal.

Problem is, most business owners don’t know much about web design.

Why would you?

You’re an expert in healthcare. Tech. Startups. Speaking. Anything BUT web design.

So we put together a guide to walk you through the best designs (and WHY), complete with lots of graphics, to help you during your website redesign or a first-time design.

Here’s a recap of the articles in this best website design series. Then, stay tuned. Because we’re going to give you a bonus. 

We’ll show you the best process to use to design or redesign your website you get maximum outcome and return on investment.

Best website design series overview

Part 1: Top 10 Best Designed Websites in 2016

This article provides an overview of what makes a great website in general and it’s loaded with pictures for inspiration! We’ll talk about things like why a clean and simple designs and color choice are so important.


Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 7.56.45 AM Spotify:

Part 2: Best Designed Websites: The Home Page

More website visitors may land on your home page than any other. It’s like your welcome mat at the front door. We’ll guide you in how to put your best foot forward.


agency home page
Brave People Home Page

Part 3: Best Designed Websites: The About Page

On the About Page, you can FINALLY talk about yourself! Yay! But we’ll show you how to do it with style, and still keeping your prospects in mind (because remember, it’s all about them!) 

best_about_page Rokivo About Page


Part 4: Best Designed Websites: The Services Page

The most important components of your Services Page: Clearly showcase your services so your audience quickly grasps what you do, and give them a “next step”  –  or how to follow get in touch, get more information, etc.


Fresh Consulting: CTA featured on Services Page


Part 5: Best Website Design: The Blog Page

Your website’s Blog Page is just as important as any other. It’s the “education destination” where people will arrive to soak up your expertise. Make sure to install a subscribe button, and use subtle hovering styles so users know where to click.


Ink+Volt Blog Page


PART 6: Best website designs: Best Menu/Navigation

Perhaps one of the most important    pieces of your website, the navigation has to be on-point  –  or the beautiful website you’ve spent tons of money and hours laboring over will be moot. We’ll show you how to take navigation to the next level! 

Dressed Inc: Navigation/Menu Pagebest_navigation_menu


The best website design strategy

Growth-driven design is all about using data to build your website.

Seems like a pretty reasonable, commonsense approach, yes?

Well, for years, web designers have been doing the opposite.

If you’ve already built a website, you’re familiar with the headache-inducing and money-pit process.

You build a website with 10-20 pages, in the hopes that people will respond to them all. And the whole process could take up to two years and a whole lot o’ money.

With growth-driven design, the approach is to:

  • Build just a few pages, based on industry research.
  • Get the website up quickly  –  within a month.
  • Start collecting data.
  • Use the data to make adjustments to existing pages and as insight for building new pages.
  • Continue to grow the website each month, making changes based on data that drives traffic, leads and revenue.


The growth-driven design approach seems, well, so logical. It’s surprising that more marketing and web design companies don’t utilize it.

Flight Media is committed to offering growth-driven design as a way for our clients to bypass the high upfront costs that traditional design requires, the long delivery time, failing to deliver functionality (because the build isn’t based on user data), going over budget and running over deadlines, and ending up with a product that doesn’t work!


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