Automated Workflows: The Tool Every Keynote Speaker Needs

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Automated Workflows: The Tool Every Keynote Speaker Needs

Benefits of Automated Workflows

  • They’re automatic.
  • They’re lead-nurturing.
  • They increase your brand awareness.
  • They can be personalized.
  • They save time.

You’ve probably gathered a ton of contacts from your speaking gigs.

But are you doing the right things to engage with them – or are they just chilling in your database?

If you’re not taking any action with your contacts, it’s probably because you’re not using automated workflows.

And if you’re not using them, you’re missing out on some major opportunities.

Let’s start with the basics: What is an automated workflow?

Automated Workflow ABCs

The simplest explanation is that it’s an email-based software technology that increases efficiency by coordinating activities.

It helps to make sure that the correct contacts get the right information at the most opportune time.

The results you get will be more consistent and accurate.

Benefits of Email Workflows

To get the most out of your speaking career and engagement with your audience, you need to utilize automated workflows.

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Check out the five advantages that you may not have realized.

1. They’re automatic

Once everything’s been set up, you can relax – no one has to hit “send.”

2. They’re lead-nurturing

Automated email workflows send relevant, valuable information to your leads.

Your contacts will learn more about your products and services, plus they’ll be more receptive to communication from you.

3. They increase your brand awareness

When your email contacts receive relevant and helpful emails from your workflow, they’ll learn a lot about you and your business.

Once they know what you’re all about, they’re more likely to be interested in what you have to say.


4. They can be personalized

Think about it – getting an email that addresses you by name is more likely to get your attention than one that says, “Hello customer,” or some generalized variation.

Email workflow tools allow you to put little tidbits of personalized information in the emails, like location, their company, etc.

5. They save time

You know that keeping your keynote speaking career afloat requires you to be smart with your resources.

Automation save a ton of time.

Once everything is set up, you can be largely “hands-off.”

You’re free to work on other important tasks.

Automated Email Workflows You Should Be Using

Here are some specific workflows you should set up to get more out of your database of contacts.

Topic Workflows

You should create a workflow for every topic you normally create content about.

For example, say you’re a keynote speaker whose main focus is career development, specializing in building a personal brand, career change and leadership skills.

You can categorize your content marketing offers and blog posts by these topics and create an automated workflow for each one.

The appropriate workflow would be triggered when one of your contacts views a certain page or takes advantage of a free offer based on one of your specific topics.

If a contact downloaded an ebook called, “The Leadership Skills You Need to Get Ahead,” your “leadership skills” workflow would be triggered and that lead would be sent additional valuable content about leadership skills.

Blog Subscriber-Welcome Workflow

When a new lead subscribes to your blog, send them a welcome email.

Thank them for subscribing, remind them of the benefits they’ll get from reading your blog and promote your most successful blog posts or offers.


Lead-Nurturing Workflow

Once a contact has taken advantage of several of your offers – like ebooks or webinars – or they’ve attended one of your speaking events, enter them into a workflow that will move them down the sales funnel.

Re-Engagement Workflow

Give inactive contacts a reason to get them interested in you again.

Exclusive offers or coupons for your products are a great way to pull them back in.

You can set the conditions that would trigger this type of workflow.

For example, it could be the length of time since their last form submission, email click or visit to your website.

Event workflow

This is one of the most helpful workflows for you, as a speaker.

You constantly have to manage communication with people who have registered for your events.

An automated workflow is the perfect solution.

Create a workflow that provides information your registrants need to know, like hotel accommodations, the agenda for the event, anything they need to know about the venue, etc.

After the event, set up a workflow that gives your attendees access to slides from your sessions, additional relevant content and information about your future events.

Final Thoughts

Utilizing these tools to streamline your processes will allow you to put your efforts into other projects.

Automated workflows save you valuable time, help you to nurture leads and they get the word out about your personal brand.

There are workflows for every different type of lead and position in the sales funnel.

Put automated workflows into action and enjoy the benefits.

What benefit of automated workflows would be the most helpful for you?

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