Are the Glory Days Of Webinars Over?

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Are the Glory Days Of Webinars Over?

Are the Glory Days of Webinars Over?

  • Proof that webinars still work
  • How to use webinars to your advantage
  • Steps for building a successful webinar

We confess up front.

The title is click bait. :)

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding webinars. Corporations, solo-preneurs, bloggers – everyone is holding webinars. So, yeah.

There’s a little bit of “noise” around them and consumers are developing expectations with them – like being upsold on a product.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t work.

Let’s take a look at the numbers, first, and then the “how.”

Do Webinars Work?

Webinars lead to sales. Plain and simple.

  • They generate quality leads, according to
  • Webinars are engaging. The average attendee stays on the webinar for 61 minutes!
  • They provide your sales time with high-quality leads – and lots of information about them.
  • They work at all points of the customer journey – from awareness to decision.

How To Use Webinars To Your Advantage

The key to a successful webinar involves standing out in the crowd – for keynote speakers or any kind of company.

Your audience may be exposed to a ton of mediocre webinars on general, vague topics.

Your webinar will be successful if you take the time to be creative and really listen to your audience.

Important Note:

We recently published a case study about how we build a webinar based on “message mining,” learning exactly what pain points our primary audience has.

With this information, we developed the topic and content of the webinar to specifically address these problems and lead to a solution.

Get Started


Here are the steps to follow to build a successful webinar:

  1. Get your team together. Ask sales, marketing, customer service – everyone – for their feedback. These should form the basis for content ideas.
  2. Build a promotion plan. The webinar needs exposure, so try innovative methods to get the word out, like comarketing, using influencers, emails, and reminders.
  3. Ditch the script. Use creativity when it comes to the actual webinar, too. Your audience will likely be expecting slides and a “speech,” or being talked at. Try different formats, such as a discussion style. Or use prospect questions to create the webinar material. Include polls and question to engage the audience and direct the webinar discussion.
  4. Track critical data, like webinar goals and stage of the funnel; webinar emails, webinar recordings; etc.
  5. Prep the sales team. Once the webinar is over, the sales team should take the reigns and follow up with leads.

Final Thoughts

A carefully crafted webinar based on hard data could be JUST the solution your company needs to jumpstart sales. If you’re looking for prospects and leads that you know you can help, start with a webinar.

Then, come back to this blog and share your results!

How did your first webinar go? What problems did you face? What results did you get?

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