6 Tips for Writing Stellar Giveaway Copy That Attracts the Right People

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6 Tips for Writing Stellar Giveaway Copy That Attracts the Right People

Writing Stellar Giveaway Copy

  1. Make the headline super descriptive
  2. Provide all the details (including pictures)
  3. Write the CTA like the giveaway depends on it
  4. Play up the urgency
  5. KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly)
  6. Proofread and then proof again

Giveaways are fun.

They give you a chance to interact with your audience and to add more people to your email list.

But one of the details that is overlooked all too often is the copy.

The copywriting for your giveaway is critical for success. It’s how you’ll draw people in, get them to join, and ultimately, grow your revenue.

We’ve got the tips you need to make sure your giveaway copy is first-rate.

Here’s what you need to know.

Writing Stellar Giveaway Copy

1. Make The Headline Super Descriptive

This is the introduction to your giveaway. 

(Remember that old saying: You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!)

It’s the first glimpse your audience will have of the “event” and it should give specific information but also set the right tone.  

Simple but impactful, you might say.

Here’s an example:

Flight Media, giveaway, headline example

Power Up for Adventure: Solar Panel & Solar Generator Giveaway” is a great title because:

  • It tells people that they’re entering a giveaway.
  • It tells them what they’re going to win. (solar panel and solar generator)
  • It entices them to enter with the promise of adventure.

Once someone gets to the landing page for the giveaway, which we’ll talk about next, they'll get all the additional information they need, so the headline needs to convey just enough.

The bottom line is that an ineffective title makes it much less likely that you’ll get the number of entries you’re shooting for. 

2. Provide Details (Including Pictures)

People have read your stellar giveaway headline and now they’re on your landing page because that title enticed them to click right on through. Good work! 😉 

Next, they need the details.

Here’s an example:

Flight Media, giveaway, landing page example


This is an excellent landing page because it gives your audience all the information they need to know about the giveaway, including:

  • It tells the value of the prize. ($200)
  • It gives more detail about exactly what will be won.
  • It provides important information like when the giveaway ends and who is eligible to enter.
  • Clear, concise copy keeps this landing page from being cluttered up with unnecessary content.

So, you’ve nailed the copywriting portion of the landing page, but in the case of a giveaway, product photography is important. Like, crucial.

Notice that this landing page does a good job of showing the prize in action. 

3. Write The CTA Like The Giveaway Depends On It

When it comes right down to it, you have to tell your audience what you want them to do.

But you don’t want to get too fancy-schmancy. Clear and concise is the name of the game. (Which actually doesn’t sound like that fun of a game…)

The bottom line is, if your CTA is, “I’m So Excited to Join This Giveaway That I Can’t Even Sit Still Because I’m So Excited!” you may want to go back to the drawing board.

Check out these examples of great CTAs:

  • Enter to Win
  • Join the Giveaway
  • Win [Giveaway Prize]
  • Sign Up Now
  • Join In
  • I Want to Win

4. Play Up The Urgency

Urgency can be a powerful motivator. Nobody wants to feel like they missed a great opportunity.

Hello, FOMO?

Remember this when you’re writing the copy for your giveaway.

Of course, no one will care if they don’t understand how valuable what you’re offering is. Be sure to explain the benefits of the prize and how they will solve a problem for your audience.

Here’s a great example of urgency in action:

Flight Media, giveaways, urgency

(Source: Designmodo)

Try using these words to light a fire under hesitant giveaway prospects:

  • Limited Time
  • Last Day
  • Last Chance
  • NOW
  • Deadline

5. KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly)

You’re trying to get people to take part in your giveaway, not writing a thesis.

Today’s consumers have the attention span of a gnat, so if you get too wordy, you’ll lose them to the next virtual apple core.

Be clear. Be concise. (Yep, you’ve heard this before!)

Just say no to gobbledygook. 

This goes for each piece of copy you write for your giveaway, including the headline, the product descriptions, directions, your CTA, and reminders.

6. Proofread And Then Proof Again

There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of time crafting the perfect message to entice readers to join your giveaway and finding out – after it goes live – that you misspelled a word, made a grammar mistake, or something is unclear.

After you’ve finished writing, take some time away and work on something else. 

After a bit, come back to it and proofread with fresh eyes, as if you’ve never seen it before and you’re someone who may be interested in the giveaway.

If it makes you excited and there are no typos, you’re ready to roll!

Final Thoughts

Giveaways are an incredibly effective way to add people to your email list, bring attention to your brand, and get new followers.

But you can sabotage the whole thing if you don’t nail the copy.

Well, at least NOT have the success you’re looking for.

Follow these tips for writing copy that attracts your audience to take part in your giveaway and become long-term fans of your brand.

Want to do a giveaway but you’re afraid of not getting the copy just right?

We can help! Get in touch and let us handle the details of your next giveaway.

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