Keep Your Cool Working From Home With These Insanely Easy Tips

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Keep Your Cool Working From Home With These Insanely Easy Tips

How to stay sane working from home

  1. Connect with others online
  2. Have a designated work area
  3. Organize your day
  4. Get out now and then
  5. Set a work schedule

Many people dream and fantasize of working from home and all of its glorious wonders.

Pajamas, coffee, family, laughs, and flexibility. Who wouldn't want that? Right?

The thing about most fantasies is that...well...they’re fantasies. 

When the black and white of work vs personal life turns to grey, things get complicated fast. 

Finding the correct balance of work and play, while setting strict boundaries, can be the difference between thriving from home and failing from home. 

Working from home is a blessing – as long as you can stay sane with these five tips.

1. Connect With Others Online

Similar to the feelings that stay-at-home mothers experience, one of the more draining parts of working from home is the loneliness from lack of human interaction

As much as we would love to dialogue and interact with family while working from home, this isn’t the best choice. Your mom, dad, wife, husband and kids do not understand your business as much as you do, so it isn’t the best idea to “talk shop” with them all of the time. 

You need to connect with others online.  

Find a close network of entrepreneurs, or other people in your line of work, online that you can interact with on a daily or weekly basis. This interaction allows you to:

  • Share streamlining ideas and innovations.
  • Talk about business frustrations.
  • Interact with like-minded human beings.

2. Have A Designated Work Area

This seems like common sense, but I can't tell you how many “work-from-home entrepreneurs” I know that set up shop in their living room, bedroom, or common areas in the house. 

When working from home, you need to designate an area of your house, free from distraction, to run your business. It should be free of noise (for the most part), away from the rest of the family or roommates and have plenty of room. 

This allows you to feel like you have a place of work, rather than just sitting down on the couch and getting ready to grind for the day. 

Here’s an example of a “go-to-work” routine for your work-from-home life:

  • Wake up in the morning and take a shower. 
  • Get dressed. In real clothes – NOT pajamas or sweats. 
  • Make coffee, tea or your morning beverage of choice and put it in a to-go mug. 
  • Go to work. 

It may seem a little silly, but your mindset is what really matters. 

Sure, it’s fun to kick back and relax in your bathrobe and your Sponge Bob jammy pants, but countless studies prove that the way you dress affects your mindset during work and it can even affect your overall productivity.

Boy in sponge bob pajamas

3. Organize Your Day

One of the downfalls of working from home is constantly trying to find ways to stay more organized and structured throughout your day. 

Just sitting down to work doesn’t cut it. 

Whether you need to set priorities, write down tasks, or schedule time slots for production, it needs to be structured. Success just doesn’t happen, especially when you’re facing all of the distractions associated with working from home. 

You need to intentionally get things done and allocate time for different aspects of your business.

4. Get Out Of The 'Office' Now And Then

It will happen at some point.

When you’re super-stressed or overwhelmed, set up shop at the library or your local coffee shop. There’s something about changing environments that allows you to clearly think and refresh your mind. 

A shift in your routine can be the productivity boost you need. Switch things up. Routine is boring and kills your motivation.

5. Set A Work Schedule

Be careful if you work from home. Working non-stop (AKA 24/7) will burn you out faster than an empty Zippo in the rainforest.

Set a schedule that works for you. Of course, you will still have days when you need to work longer but make sure to balance that out with days when you start later or end earlier. 

Don’t feel guilty or ashamed when you aren’t working. You’re a human, not a machine. Rather than working more hours, make the hours you do work more productive and effective.

Final Thoughts

Working from home can be a rewarding experience and you can get just as much done – IF you put some boundaries and parameters in place.

Whether it’s connecting with others online, getting out once or twice a week, or setting a work schedule, make some rules and stick to them.

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