5 Proven Lead-Generation Ideas

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5 Proven Lead-Generation Ideas

What are five proven lead-generation ideas?

Five proven lead-generation ideas are:

  1. Simplify your sales process.
  2. Create lists.
  3. Gather examples.
  4. Use email to your advantage.
  5. Do give-aways.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 1/11/17 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

There’s no way around it.

Lead generation tactics power your business.

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There’s no use bemoaning the fact that how well you generate leads affects your bottom line.

Online lead generation, in particular, is a must if you want to succeed in this decade.

Digital lead generation is in – outdated lead generation (like cold calling) tactics are out. 

But your approach doesn’t have to be complicated. It just needs to be strategic.

Here are five proven lead-generation ideas your business should definitely try.

Top 5 Lead Generation Ideas

Use these lead generation ideas to get the sales you want.

1. Simplify Your Sales Process

I bet many of your business’ tasks are well-suited to a spreadsheet. Your sales funnel steps could be compiled in one. Or marketing tasks.

Why not create a spreadsheet that helps your primary audience stay organized? For example, you could generate a scheduling template.

Design it and then create a landing page for it. You can get prospects to trade their name and email address in exchange for downloading the free tool.

Insider secret: 

This is a GREAT way to build your authority with prospects, provide them with value and create interest in your business.

If you’ve only tried to gather contact information using a free newsletter (and that’s still a good tactic, just don’t let it be your ONLY strategy for generating leads), offering something more specific and tailored to your audience’s problems works like a charm.

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2. Create Lists

You may have tons of tools your business offers as lead-generating bait, but have you thought about including tools that weren’t created by your company?

Businesses are often reticent to use this kind of tactic, thinking that it’ll draw prospects away.

However, today’s consumer thinks differently.

They’ll be impressed by your treasure-trove of content that helps them solve everyday business problems. They’ll start to see you as a solution-provider and a go-to business that serves their needs.

That’s where you want to be! 

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Don’t be afraid to include great information and tools that someone else has come up with.

Example: At Flight Media, we love HubSpot. We recommend it to businesses that are ready to employ a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. And it’s a tool we know works because we use it ourselves!

Instead of the recommendation driving prospects away from us, it attracts the exact audience we’re looking to work with!

This strategy provides another bonus: When you mention other companies in your own web content, you’ll attract THEIR audience to your site – or a whole new group of prospects who are ready to learn about what you have to offer!

3. Gather Examples

It’s not an easy feat to compile examples from which your prospects can learn, but if you take the time to do so, you’ll get leads.

That’s because real-life examples are highly compelling, and they show prospects a precise solution to a problem they’re likely having.

For example, you could create a list of best practices for your industry. This kind of content will drive leads to your landing page, and cause them to exchange their information in return.

4. Use Email To Your Advantage

Another of our proven lead-generation ideas to help your prospects become educated or solve a problem involves creating an email course.

The free email course should consist of short lessons, sent perhaps every day or once a week, that help your audience build a skill or find solutions.

Create email courses for topics that call for lots of details. You’ll want to provide “meaty” information that your audience can take a bite of and really chew, i.e., learn from.

You learn something new every day

Do your prospects need to lose weight? Offer one tip per day that includes lots of ways to get consistent calorie-burning activity.

Need to show prospects the best way to buy insurance? Create an email course and break up the steps into daily messages.

5. Do Give-Aways

Nothing drums up interest and traffic like a giveaway!


You can limit the number of junk leads you get from choosing to give something away that has lots of value.

While you’ll have to invest the money and resources into what you give away, remember that every contact you get who doesn’t win the contest becomes a lead.

In addition, the buzz created around giveaways generates lots of free social media sharing.

Final Thoughts 

These proven lead-generation ideas should keep your company busy for awhile. Set up a few systems, and then sit back, and watch the leads roll in.

Can someone bring me a drink? Dog in a pool floatie

Just be sure you’ve created follow up systems to keep those leads interested and to ensure that you nurture them all the way to a sale!

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