4 Steps to Making Sales With Social Media

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4 Steps to Making Sales With Social Media

Guest post by Maja Jaredic

People want to connect with people. It’s simple as that.

If you're silent & numb to your audience’s comments, requests and ideas, you might as well forget marketing on social networks altogether. (Because in the end, it's all about the relationship.)

Here are 4 steps to make sales with social media:

Social Media Engagement Pyramid

Step 1: Listen

Pay attention to what your audience is saying. That way, you can notice what is currently IN and what they need now.

Information is the one of the most valuable things you can posses in business, and social networks are goldmines for that.

People love to share their opinions & ideas, and they are most likely talking about you and your products, whether you know it or not. So get in the crowd, listen and learn.

Step 2: Respond

When it comes to responding, there are two possible responses you should provide - response to the need and response to the interaction itself.

Your audience will tell you exactly what they need.

Not only you can use that info to instantly cater to that need and seize profit & acknowledgment for you and your business, but you get to anticipate what the next hot thing is, that your buyer persona will want.

The idea is to become a thought leader in your industry. Engagement positions you as an industry thought leader & opens the doors for more sales. We often say, "people don't buy your product, they buy you."

In fact, I'm writing this blog because I received  tweets on my Twitter, asking about engagement and best practices.

What is your audience asking you?

If they try to spark conversation with you, be sure to respond. No one likes to be ignored and such practice will scatter your audience quickly.

It seems very tedious, but the benefits outweigh the cons. (Plus, chatting with people about your own business is thrilling! Our whole team are Twitter addicts because of it!) :)

Quick-Note: Social media can be very fast-paced and you might think it's impossible to keep up with, but even a few minutes of engagement daily can make huge difference in your overall traffic, leads and sales.

Favorite, retweet, share, comment, answer-- show them there is an actual person behind that profile. They will love it. Recommended read: The 5-Step Formula I Used to Get 35,725 Twitter Followers in 9 Months

Step 3: Shape

This is the best part of the process.

Not only do you get to respond to your audience, you get to affect their opinion.

Let me tell you a story.

Yesterday I went to the beauty salon (ah, lady’s world!) As I was waiting my turn, I noticed there was a bit of a situation happening.

Apparently, the salon had a promotion for one specific service but the customer who just finished getting everything done thought that it applied to whole package. (And this is not a minor difference.)

The customer had to pay 3 times more than she thought, and she was furious.

**Let’s stop there for a minute.

It was the customer's fault. She didn't read the promotional conditions, but instead, interpreted them as it suited her at the given moment.

**Back to the story.

The stylist's reaction left me breathless. Not only did she offer all the additional services as a gift from the management, but she kept a smile on her face entire time. She was gentle, compassionate and listened.

Instead of a furious customer who would trash their business, the stylist managed to shape the customer's opinion into an a positive one!

The customer was happy with the free gift, calmed down and actually apologized for the inconvenience she caused. (Then she took fliers to give to all her friends! What a turn!)

Lesson learned. Don’t be hostile or rude--no matter the situation. Turn an upset customer into a brand advocate.

Step 4: Lead

This is the final step. Through engagement, you have the chance to lead your audience to the desired point of action. (Sale)

At this point, you've already built credibility for your brand and your audience trusts you. (That means that they will likely listen to your proposals & recommendations.)

So, direct them to the point of desired action-- whether that's a sign-up, a scheduled meeting, a particular item, or any other kind of promotion.

Don’t be pushy, but rather lead them to your product/service if that's what you honestly think will solve their problem.

In any other case, show them how to fix it or lead them to other resources that might be helpful. Because, in the long-run, they'll consider you to suit their needs when the time comes.


Engagement isn't a rocket science.

It is about being human and not the seller all the time. Listen and talk with people, respond to their issues, share your stories, shape their opinions, position yourself as an industry thought-leader, and turn raving fans into customers.

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