37 Signs You're an Entrepreneur

June 15, 2014

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37 Signs You're an Entrepreneur

Over the last year or so, I began realizing small habits I have as an entrepreneur-- when it comes to my business. So, I've kept a list of them and would love to hear any additional ones you have in the comments! (I'll even add them with your name & link to your site) :-)

You may be an entrepreneur IF:

  1. There are never enough hours in the day.
  2. 40-hour workweeks no longer exist (only 60+).
  3. You never have enough leads.
  4. Sales can always be higher.
  5. According to your plan, you should be a millionaire in ‘no time.'
  6. You love podcasts & audiobooks.
  7. You know content marketing is important & wish you did it more.
  8. Email marketing is a must.
  9. You check your email 500 times per day.
  10. You have two dozen new products to create (all a work in progress.)
  11. You know what ROI is.
  12. You have 15 tabs open in your browser at once.
  13. No one can do the job as good as you.
  14. You sign up for a million free trials.
  15. Hearing success stories makes you wanna join their niche.
  16. You have a smart phone.
  17. Your ‘work’ doesn’t feel like work.
  18. Taxes suck.. :(
  19. When you have free time, it’s spent on improving your business.
  20. The sky is the limit.
  21. You know you should be on social media. (Free Twitter series here)
  22. You need a vacation.
  23. You explain what you do in a different way, every time someone asks.
  24. You wish you could duplicate yourself, rather than hire employees.
  25. You strategize your business: in bed, in the shower, during meals, in the car, and in the restroom.
  26. Sales funnels are everything.
  27. Facebook Advertising & Adwords are essential.
  28. You read a lot of blogs.
  29. You watch Shark Tank.
  30. You create a daily ‘to-do’ list.
  31. Your personal social media has turned into a business promotional avenue.
  32. You wake up early & go to bed late.
  33. Your business gives you a sense of purpose.
  34. If you provide services, you want products.
  35. If you provide products, you want services.
  36. You have a Virtual Assistant or want one.
  37. You’ve overcome some massive obstacles.
  38. You can't remember the last time you held a conversation with a stranger where you didn't throw a "pitch" at some point. (Josh Dutson)
  39. You have multiple Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. (Jennifer Rosenblatt)
  40. Sometimes you have (or wish you had) a dedicated device for each set of profiles. (Jennifer Rosenblatt)

This is the list of things I've found myself thinking or doing, since I've become a full-time entrepreneur!

What habits do you have as an entrepreneur? Leave a comment! 8-)

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