30-Day Content Challenge

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30-Day Content Challenge

Creating content sucks. (Especially for 30 days) Sitting down for several hours to knock out a blog post, video, podcast, etc. isn't always the most fun thing to do. In fact, if you go in without an outline for the content, it quickly becomes a burden. I typically create one piece of content (blog post) per week because my time is limited and I believe quality beats quantity any day. But, next month that's going to change.  I'm going to pump out one piece of content per day. (Whether that's a blog post, guest post on my blog, guest post on someone else's blog, a podcast, or a video.) Side-Note: If you're reading this in the future, read the entire thing. It applies right now, next month, or 2 years from now.

Why Should I?

It's easy. Because it works. You see, I launched Flight Media Blog back in July of 2013. We were getting roughly 900 visitors/month by November, but I knew we needed more. So, in January, I decided to produce content every day and we went from 814 monthly visitors to 8,575 visitors by the end of the month. (A whopping 1,053% increase in traffic!) Of course, after January, we slowed down to 1-2 blog posts per week and our traffic hovered to a steady 6,000 monthly visitors. (Still an 737% increase from November)

Traffic Before & After Before & After 1st Challenge
On top of the traffic, our email subscribers skyrocketed from less than 30 to over 1,000 in the first 4 months.


The Rules

Starting on the 1st of whatever the upcoming month is, I'm encouraging everybody reading this blog to take the challenge. Push yourself to create content every day (or 5 days per week) and see how much it transforms your numbers. If you're getting 1,000 visitors per month, what would you be able to do with 5,000? (I'm currently setting a goal of 50,000 visitors by the end of the month, conservatively.) So, here are the rules:

  1. Pick a number. How much traffic are you currently getting and how much are you looking to achieve? Without a goal, you'll be shooting into the dark--thus, demotivating you. (Good read: How to Stay motivated as an Entrepreneur)
  2. Pick your content. Content is anything that provides value to it's readers. Whether that's a blog post, guest post on another blog, video, or podcast, make sure it's providing value.
  3. Stick with it. This is probably the most cliche rule, but the truth is that being average won't cut it anymore. The average person blogs several times per month. The average person would say this 'sounds too hard' and give up before trying. And the average person experiences average results. Don't be average. Because in the end, the average don't live the lifestyles they dream of.

Prep Like a Boss

I'll be honest. This isn't an easy task. It takes massive preparation to do something like this, so you don't burn yourself out. (Back when I attempted this in January, I had no plan and it burned me out. Which is why I haven't done it since..) So, to make this easier & give you a better sense of direction, I'm going to share all the resources & strategies I use along the way. That said, first, you'll need a schedule. 


A schedule was the largest thing I lacked back in January.

My team and I wrote 'on the fly' and didn't have a structure. This is very important because it gives you a guided route for the entire month and if you don't pre-plan the topics & titles, you'll end up have a week of straight "numbered lists". (i.e. 7 ways to.... 9 Things You Should.... 4 Bloggers to be Following... Etc.) I like to keep my article titles & topics in a Google Spreadsheet, so I know what's coming up and what type of content needs completed.

Blogging Challenge Schedule 
30 Day Blogging Challenge Schedule


Pick Your Weapon (Content)

If you're new to blogging or want to get a better idea of different kinds of effective content to create, here's a breakdown of the what I've learned is effective.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is simply submitting content (typically a blog post) to somebody else's blog. It can be very powerful primarily because it helps build a relationship with the blog owner, it drives referral traffic, it gives you a backlink, it builds credibility for your own brand, and you're exposed to another industry influence's audience.

For example, I wrote this post on Jeff Bulla's blog and it received nearly 30 comments & over 1,000 social media shares.)

If you plan on guest posting (which I highly recommend,) you'll need to plan what blogs you'd like to post on. The best way to do this is by having a spreadsheet of the potential blogs & emailing each one to inquire about guest posting. (Check out this fantastic Advanced Guide to Guest Posting by Neil Patel)

Guest Blogs List
Spreadsheet for Potential Guest Blogs


Get this out of the way before completing the schedule because your guest blogging won't be accepted  immediately.

So, while you wait for replies, leave a few spots open on the schedule and fill them in as your guest posting gets accepted. Side-Note: Make sure they're relevant to your niche & their audience is engaged. Good signs would include social shares & comments.


Blog Posts

This is the most common type of content. Good ole' blog posts. I've written nearly 150 blog posts in the last year, so to give you some ideas, here are a few types that have worked very well for me: [checklist]

  • Funny Lists. These are the kinds of lists that people can relate to & are relevant to your niche. For example, my "40 Signs You're a Marketing Nerd" got several hundred shares & still get's me several tweets per week from readers.)
  • In-Depth Guides. Quality definitely trumps quantity. I spent upwards of 8 hours on a post that receives 5,000+ pageviews per month from it.
  • Authority Roundups. When you interview lead authorities in your niche or write an article about them, they tend to receive above-average sharing. Why? Because you're associating your name with the 'top dogs.' When I first did the 30-day content challenge, I wrote a post called "11 Business Bloggers You Should Be Following in 2014," got 4,000 page views on it that month, and received more than 500 social shares.
  • Hack Lists. Everybody loves hacks. Who doesn't? Heck, there's an entire website dedicated to hacks caller Would you rather read an article called "7 Money Tips to Lead the Life You Want" or "7 Money Hacks to Lead the Life You Want?" Most people would choose the latter.

Recommended Tool: Blogging Essentials Checklist [/checklist]


I'm a huge fan of video. Before I founded Flight Media, I actually co-founded an online drumming education company who's prime source of traffic was Youtube.

In the first year, we accumulated nearly 1 million Youtube Views and we built a subscriber base of more than 10,000 engaged drummers. (It was amazing.) When it comes to video, it's important to strive for quality.

Video can be a more expensive source of content, but it can easily attract more views than written content.

Just take a look at James Wedmore He used Youtube as a content strategy and has accumulated over 2.5 million youtube views and a subscriber base of nearly 50,000 people.

Recommended Read: 8 Steps to Capturing 500,000 Youtube Views in 10 Months


Podcasts allow people to listen to content on their smartphones & download your audio content from iTunes, Soundcloud and a few other places. The truth is, people are beginning to prefer listening over reading. Why? Because it's easier. (And we're getting lazier) They allow people to better understand the speaker's tone because their actual voice is the content. Although podcasts take a bit more effort to start up, bloggers like Pat Flynn are taking massive advantage and pulling

10,000+ podcast downloads per day. Recommended Read: How to Start a Podcast: Step-by-Step

Who's In?

This is going to be a challenge. It's going to be tough. And quite frankly, most won't complete the first week. BUT... If you're willing to try, do the following:

  1. Share this post & tag someone else who you believe in
  2. Comment daily with the a link to your latest piece of content
  3. Visit someone else's content & leave a positive comment

I will add your blog to the running list below & will also comment on your blog! Let's stop being average.

The Blog's Who Took The Challenge:

(Visit, comment and encourage!) [checklist]

  • Flight Media Blog


Additional Resources



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