3 Reasons Reading Blogs Affect Your Business

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3 Reasons Reading Blogs Affect Your Business

I've been reading blogs for a while now, but it wasn't until 8 days ago (after I moved into my new house) that I began to grasp a fresh mindset in regards to how beneficial reading blogs has been to my business over the last year.

Reading Blogs has greatly attributed to the success of Flight Media and our subsidiary company, Flight Drummers, much more than I expected.

From reading blogs, we have been able to capitalize on our strengths, alter business strategies, and maximize our efforts in all areas of business.

(Of course, just reading blogs doesn't generate success, but the ideas blogs can provide, combined with action, can take your business to levels you didn't know were possible.)

In fact, I've seen such a dramatic change in my business, that I now incorporate reading my favorite business blogs on Feedly into my daily routine.

*If you haven't found a favorite blog reading app, then I highly recommend you do and begin adding & reading your favorite blogs daily.  Here are 3 Reasons Reading Blogs Affect Your Business:

1. Blogs Inspire New Marketing/Sales Tactics

I can't even count the amount of blog posts I've read that have inspired a new strategy for driving traffic, generating leads, and converting sales. (This blog post was inspired by Hubspot's 30-Day Blog Challenge.) ;)

Heck, I grew nearly every member on our team to 10k+ Twitter Followers over the last 3 months because of a Twitter marketing strategy I learned from Jeff Bulla's blog.

And that's just the start. Youtube Blog Reading Results

Blog's like Entrepreneur, Inc, Hubspot, and Social Media Examiner provide daily (usually) content with tips and information on how to grow your business.

Our team has used multiple of Entrepreneur's strategies to grow Flight Drummers to nearly 650,000 Youtube Views, accumulate a fanbase of more than 20,000 subscribers (between all networks), and establish paying members in more than 14 countries--all within the last year.

2. Blogs Empower

Yes, this one sounds kind of weird, but blogs can truly empower you to: become a better business person, create a better work environment, delight your customers, etc.

For example, when I read success stories or case studies, I tend to get motivated and excited to try and achieve the same results. Although I don't always see the success some of the other businesses experienced, reading about them empowered me.

One of the most recent 'empowering' situations I experienced, was reading that Hubspot generates more than 70,000 leads per month from content marketing.

By no means do I think Flight Media can accomplish that immediately, but I know that it can be done. Simply reading that statistic empowered our team enough to blog every day since January 2nd and we have seen unbelievable results.

(Our traffic jumped from 25-40 visits per day to over 220 within the first 10 days.) All because we felt empowered after reading a blog post.

Blog Empowerment Results

3. Blogs Keep You Up-To-Date

This one isn't true for all blogs, but it is for a decent number of bigger blogs. The most up-to-date information regarding your industry usually gets posted quickly (for sake of grabbing front-page of the Google SERPs) to blogs like Mashable, Inc, and Entrepreneur.

If you read them on a daily basis, then you'll be able to easily stay on top of the latest industry trends. A good example of this is when Google announced the new Hummingbird algorithm.

Internet Marketers all over the world were able to easily learn how to continue content marketing effectively (without getting the 'Google slap') by reading countless blog posts on the topic.

What blogs are you reading?

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