21 Best Twitter Practices for Business

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21 Best Twitter Practices for Business

Since Twitter's butt-crack of dawn in early 2006, back when it was merely known as 'Twttr', it has increasingly exploded in popularity and is now a powerhouse social media platform.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that humans tend to have a natural instinct of being nosey, and we all want to know what is going on in the world here and NOW! But that is just an educated guess.

Twitter is a great tool for individuals to keep up with others without having to be 'friends.' Yet, twitter has so much more to offer, especially for businesses. The streamlining and trending platform has now become some corporations main tactics for marketing, generating leads, connecting with their communities, and even support.

Before you read too far, I'd recommend downloading The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Business Hacks and reading it later. It'll teach you how to gain 20,000+ followers and generate thousands in sales over the next 4 months.

Since we are transitioning into an era where information is becoming highly accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, you can expect Twitter be one of the media giants that connects the world for many years to come.

So, if this tool is so useful, how can you use it in your business to ultimately see an increase in your fan base, growth, brand awareness, sales, etc.?

At Flight Media, we have used Twitter as a fantastic marketing tool for many of our clients, and now for ourselves as well. Take a look with us at what we consider to be the 21 best Twitter Practices for Business.

  1. Follow, follow, follow - Since Twitter is all about connecting, one of the first things you should put into practice is learning who the best people to follow are. Plain and simple, if you can't connect with like-minded people, Twitter would be useless. But, you can, so keep this in mind as you begin your Twitter journey. There are several ways to strategically connect with people, so the following practices (numbers 2-5) should give you a better insight on connecting with others who share your interests, via the # Discover tab.

  1. The # Discover 'Stories' Tab – There are conversations being had, and stories being told all across Twitter. The beautiful thing about the platform is you can find people by searching for stories and joining conversations. Simply click on the # Discover tab in the top menu.

  2. The # Discover 'Activity' and 'Who to Follow' Tab – We recently released our first episode of 'Derek and Josh Talk,' where I talked about a book that I was going through called “Becoming a Person of Influence." In order to gain more and more influence over time, personally and within your business, you need to expand your circles of influence. The 'Activity' tab allows you meet and interact with people who are connected with the people you currently follow. If you want to take it a step further, the 'Who to Follow' tab will automatically populate with recommendations of who to follow. This is executed through some of Twitters algorithms by matching you with others who have similar profiles.

  3. The # Discover 'Find Friends' Tab – Some people and businesses get so excited about using Twitter, that they forget to simply search for their friends and favorite companies to follow. This feature is very similar to Googles search tool and can be highly effective if you know who you are looking for.

  4. The # Discover 'Browse Categories Tab – In Twitters early days, it was super hard to find people that you were looking for because their [tooltip text="Twitter handles" gravity="n"]The name that you choose to represent yourself when people search for you or tag you on Twitter. For Example, John Smith's Twitter handle could be @commonname[/tooltip] are usually way different than their names. The categories tab makes it easier for you to find the people you are looking for by category. We like to use this tab to find other businesses, marketing firms, web design firms, etc.Twitter Tabs

  5. Being Active – Now that we have all of the ways to discover like minded people out of the way, lets take a look at the rest of the 21 practices. Some businesses start Twitter accounts and then forget to be active on them. You will find that the more you are active, the more interaction you gain. It is sort of like any other real world community. The more you are involved with people, the more they talk to you, invite you places, etc.

  6. Tweet ALOTEntrepreneur Magazine recommends that businesses post 10-20 times a day with half of the Tweets being company promotions and links and the other half being interactions. We started doing this recently with Flight Media's twitter account and have seen a dramatic increase in our follower base. People like free information, and lots of it. We use our blogs to our advantage with content marketing.

  7. Voices, they're Everywhere – Many companies have multiple people or a 'social media team' that handles their social media. This has it's pros and cons, however, one rule of thumb for Twitter (since it is so fast pace) is to keep a consistency in the way you talk on Twitter. The is  to ensure it doesn't sound like there are different people managing the account. Use common word choices and phrases that are specific to your profile so people can identify your Tweets with greater ease.

  8. Twitter Tools – There are hundreds of third party tools available to help you enhance the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. We recommend tools like Sprout Social, Tweepi, TweetDeck, Social Bro, Twylah, etc. Do your research and find out what tools work best for your SMM.

  9. Optimization – I am not talking [tooltip text="SEO" gravity="n"]Search Engine Optimization[/tooltip] here, I am simply talking about your profile. As you are trying like crazy to connect with others and search for like-minded people, don't forget that people can also find you! The best way to make sure that the people who are finding you are like-minded is by optimizing your profile with a great profile pic, cover photo, simple description with effective keywords, and website links. We have seen a major increase in site traffic simply by putting links in our social profiles.
  10. Leads – This is where Twitter gets really interesting. The famous Seth Godin teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage users off of their social profiles and onto their website sales funnels. After all, there is no point in using social media at all if you can't generate leads. Their are thousands of ways to do this, however, here are some effective ones. Offer eBooks, Podcasts, free consultations, white papers, etc., that will allow you to put a link in the Tweet and hopefully get some CLICKS! Then from there your users should land on some sort of landing/squeeze page.

  11. Promote – There is so much going on in the business world that you are only going to see a lot of success if you keep your followers update with fresh content. Keep your eye out for conferences, classes, webinars, and other events that you can post to twitter. You will quickly become a reliably source for fresh information and it will keep your [tooltip text="Tweeps" gravity="n"]People on Twitter![/tooltip] interactive!

  12. Twitter Advertising – Although we have found Twittter advertising to not be as effective as other forms of marketing (for Flight Media that is,) many companies and firms we know, have seen much success. It all comes down to your type of business, the industry you are in, and what your budget is. Check it out and see if it is for you! ([tooltip text="Email us" gravity="n"][/tooltip] if you have experience great results, we would love to hear your tactics!)

  13. Brand dat jank – That is my way of telling you to make Twitter a very common entity among your brand. Add outstanding logos and feeds to your site that will keep your community up to date even if they are not on Twitter.

  14. Discounts – This is one of our favorite things to do. There is something about people, especially Americans, that they just LOVE spending money if there are discounts to be offered. Give out free discounts for people who follow you, Tweet @ you, or hashtag you.

  15. The Price is Right – Well not exactly, but sort of ;-) Hold contests on twitter. This is a great way to create a huge temporary buzz on peoples Twitter feeds. You can do this several different ways (retweets, follows, hashtags, shares, etc.,) but whatever you decide to do, make sure it is trackable.

  16. Comebacks – At some point, you are going to get a few [tooltip text="jackwagons" gravity="nw"]Idiots. Ignorant People. [/tooltip] here and there that feel the need to be negative. A smart business has prepared scripts that rebuttal negative comments with positivity.

  17. Create Lists – To make an extremely long story short, Twitter offers a feature called lists where you can categorize your following by whatever you would like. You can make a 'work' list, 'friends' list, 'ugly' list, etc. We haven't found this very effective for us, however, there are some interesting things you can do with Twitter lists. Side-note: there are also a lot of third party programs (Like Hootsuite) that use and track Twitter lists. We find these programs to be a little more effective. 

  18. Referrals – What I mean by this, is to simply recommend other businesses or entrepreneurs to follow. This allows you to have to possibility of people retweeting you and even tapping into others follower base.

  19. Provide Value – As crazy as most people are (like us,) we can all smell 'fake' from 10 million miles away. Be authentic, have integrity, and provide value in your Tweets. There is no point in having 10-20 empty Tweets that provide nothing than a waste of space on peoples Twitter feeds. Don't be the business that gets dropped like they are hot!

  20. Follow Trends – I am sure you have seen people Tweet things like #tbt or #followfriday. These are typically popular hashtags that Twitter calls 'trends.' Make it a point to hashtag trends daily and watch your retweets explode!

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