10 Great Online Tools For Content Writers

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10 Great Online Tools For Content Writers

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 6/11/14 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

Content writers make invaluable contributions to the world of the Internet.

This is good. Man tapping on laptop.

Whether you're a creative writer, copywriter, or blogger, you know that you can make a difference with every piece you write, and you always want to make it better than the last one.

Unfortunately, the day only has 24 hours and we rarely have time to write everything on our mind.

That's why it's important to use as many online tools for content writers as we can to maximize productivity & efficiency. 

Here are some great tools to help with that.

Online Tools For Content Writers

This list will help you make the most of your time and turn your words into gold.


Attract more readers by making your content visually appealing. 

The best way to achieve this is by implementing interactive online charts and infographics in your writing. This free tool will help you create them easily.

2. Ninja Essays

Ninja Essays

Speaking of proper sentence structure and grammar, you cannot bring your own content to perfection, regardless of how hard you try. 

Ninja Essays will help you elevate the quality of all your writings with its editing service. 

(This is not an automated editing tool with questionable efficiency – you can hire a real editor at Ninja Essays and make sure you get the best out of your content before you publish it.)


This is another tool that will help you create captivating infographics. 

It provides various themes, shapes, and objects, which you can use to customize a cool-looking infographic within minutes.

4. TagCrowd


Instead of choosing an image that could get you in trouble with copyright issues, you can create a captivating tag cloud that will convey the essence of your posts. 

With this free online tool for content writers, you can visualize the word frequency of your texts and make them more appealing not only to your readers but to search engines as well.

5. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail

How many times have you forgot to follow up on an important task or message? 

Boomerang is a Gmail add-on that prompts you to follow up on tasks, messages or projects. Simply write your email, tell Boomerang when to “return” it to you, and you can set-it-and-forget-it. :)

6. Thesaurus


Granted, it’s not flashy. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles. But it’s a steady resource you’ll use a ton.

When you need a quick synonym, you can’t go wrong with 

If you’re looking for a little more pizazz, check out the next item on our list.

7. WordHippo


Sometimes you need more than the boring thesaurus can provide.

WordHippo offers a TON more options than a regular synonym search. It also has additional handy tools, such as antonyms, rhymes, parts of speech, AND French, Italian, German and Spanish options.

8. Hemingway App

Hemingway App

This proofreading tool serves several functions.

You can copy and paste your content directly onto the homepage OR you can write directly in the app.

Hemingway gives you valuable information about your use of adverbs, hard-to-read sentences, complex words or phrases, helps you avoid over-using the passive voice and gives your writing a readability grade.

Add this to your writing toolbox and make your content clear, simple and powerful.

9. The Best Title Generator

The Best Title Generator

Headlines are important. You want to hit just the right note that will make your audience want to read your content.

But coming up with them can be a headache for even the most seasoned copywriter.

Of all the online tools for content writers, this one may be one of the most important.

The Best Title Generator allows you to input your main keywords and – with one little click – gives you 700 options. That’s a lot of choices.

The best part is, simply skimming through the titles can spark your own creativity.

10. Pixabay


An engaging blog may get scrolled right past if the picture doesn’t grab a reader’s attention.

Use Pixabay to find images that suit the tone of your content. It’s totally free and you’re not just limited to pictures, either. You can find photos, illustrations, graphics and videos, too.

Final Thoughts

As a content writer, you may be working on your own schedule, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not chasing deadlines and wishing for a way to become better than your competition. 

If you are devoted to this career, then using online tools for content writers is a must for improving your efficiency. 

Start exploring the above-listed tools and you will quickly see an increase in productivity (and traffic!)

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