Giveaway: Win a Design for Your Website
Giveaway: Win a Design for Your Website

Giveaway: Win a Design for Your Website

Have you always wanted to create a website, but didn’t have an opportunity to do it?

Not enough time, money, dedication? Well, now you there are no more excuses.

We’re happy to announce that TemplateMonster, one of the most reliable providers of website templates, is giving away 3 premium templates to Flight Media’s readers!

(You choose the template you want. It can be a WordPress theme, a Joomla template, a PrestaShop theme, a Magento theme, etc).

In other words, three of you will win a design for your website–on the house.

The good thing is that TemplateMonster has a massive collection of over 40,000 templates and all templates are separated by categories. (FINALLY, a convenient way to find a theme…)

So, whether you want to build a website for your business, start a blog, create an online portfolio, or build an online store, you will find a gorgeous template.

Template Monster Example

OK, got it, so How Do I Enter the Giveaway?

Simply comment on this post and let us know which TemplateMonster template you’d like to win.

For example, you can write “Template #51306 would rock my socks off.”

How Do I Find My Favorite Template?

Do one of the following:

  • Click here for WordPress themes;
  • Follow this link for PrestaShop themes;
  • Or visit and navigate to the template you like best of all

That’s pretty much it! But please, be sure to submit your comment before November 18, 2014.

We’ll choose the winners a few days after the giveaway is over. As we’ve already mentioned, there will be 3 winners and each winner will get ANY template from TemplateMonster.

If you’re one of the lucky winners, we’ll contact you via email (please use your real email address), and send you the prize.

Good luck, and may the force be with you! :)

About Josh Coffy

Entrepreneur. Marketing Nerd. Life enthusiast. I am absolutely passionate about what I do. My goal is to inspire others to reach their true potential.
  • Kelly Sherl

    WOO HOO!! Pick me, pick me! WordPress Template #42067 would be amazing!!! 😀

  • Template #44910 looks cool for anyone.

  • Soulution Source
    • I’m digging that one! I was literally just looking under ‘Marketing Agency’ templates yesterday!

    • Congrats guys! You’re one of the three winners! Emailing you now. :)

      • Soulution Source

        Awesome! I was just getting ready to hire a web developer. Look forward to your email :0)

  • Andrea Adelstein

    thinking 40732 may work well for book launch…

  • i ll save this article, later i ll pick a template for my blog, cheers.

  • Apollo Ndungutse

    #52039 would help me collect $1 from every family around the world and that would be a kick in poverty’s ass for my talented beneficiaries!

  • Gerald Holt

    50655 would totally complete my idea for a business site!

  • Avinash

    This is what i was expecting… Whoa!!!

  • zakhar

    Hello! My name is Zakhar and I’m promoting the website. This is an online converter. Is there any way to place my guest article on your website? What rules should I follow to place the article there? I look forward to your favorable reply.

  • Ken1957

    Love the fact companies reaching out to help smaller people with knowledge, thanks again

  • Beth


    Ok I’ve changed my answer about 4 times already but I think this is #theonethatIwant. And yes, I just hash-tagged it.

    • #loveit #digthetheme :)


    • Congrats Beth! You’re one of the winners! :)

      • Beth

        Yay! And perfect timing! I am planning to spend my time “off work” next week getting my blog up and running. Thanks, Josh!

  • KuyuCHI Kuboka jnr

    #43224 this WordPress template will give my camera an excuse to be on 24/7

  • Marielisa Ortiz-Berríos

    ¡Hola! Me encantaría poder ganarme un template para mejorar mi blog y que luzca más profesional y este pienso que puede ser el ideal o algún otro template que se ajuste a un blog de temática familiar. Saludos desde Puerto Rico. ¡Muchas gracias!

  • Milos Jaredic

    WordPress #50494 is best choice…

    • Congrats Milos! You’re one of the three winners! Emailing you now. :)

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