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3 Tools and Software Programs That Will Boost Sales Immediately

3 Tools and Software Programs That Will Boost Sales Immediately

When you want to take a road trip, you probably take a car and not a horse & buggy. (Although where I grew up in Ohio, there were plenty of people who still rode by horse ad buggy.)

(In fact, while horses used to take us everywhere, we now take horses everywhere!)

Horse & Buggy Meme

You take a car because times have changed over the last 150 years.

Technology allows us to tap our foot on a pedal that drives us at 75 mph toward our destination in a car or 600 mph toward a location in a plane.

The same principle applies to modern-day sales.

If you use the technology that’s available at your fingertips, you will fill your pipeline faster, close deals quicker, upsell more customers, enhance your closing ratio, and take more dollars to the bank.

We do it, our customers do it, and you can do it. (Rob Schneider would be proud!)

Here are three tools and software programs that will undoubtedly boost your sales.

1. Hubspot (CRM)

Without a solid CRM, organization is impossible.

While Hubspot remains an incredible marketing tool (we think it’s the best, but we’re a bit biased), it also has an unbelievable sales CRM. (Check it out here.)

We use it for segmenting our leads and customers, as well as tracking the entire lifecycle of each contact — from subscriber to customer.

Having a robust CRM will allow your sales team to operate efficiently and will give you incredible insight as to how they’re performing.

For Flight Media, our sales team uses Hubspot’s CRM to:

  • Import new leads.
  • Follow up with inbound leads.
  • Take notes from all meetings and calls (so no information is forgotten).
  • Track deals from the first appointment set to the contract signing.
  • Make and record phone calls.
  • Run reports on sales activities (emails, calls, meetings, deals won/lost, etc.).
  • Track follow-up emails to leads (for opens and clicks).
  • Segment lead and customer lists.
  • And a lot more.

Here’s a view of the quick snapshot our sales team gets on their dashboard.

Hubspot CRM Dashboard

It also helps us track sales activities & get a high-level overview of how our deals are progressing.

Hubspot CRM Dashboard Sales Activity

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Josh, there are plenty of CRM’s out there, besides Hubspot.”

I know. I’ve looked at and used most of them.

Salesforce, InsideSales, PipeDrive, Infusionsoft (we used this one for over a year), Salesloft, Insightly, the list goes on.

But when it came down to it, none of them beat Hubspot. None of them could do everything our team needed (listed above) in one fell swoop — which is why Hubspot is our #1 recommendation.

The only one that came close was Salesforce. But Hubspot did 100% of the stuff + more and it wasn’t nearly as clunky. :-)

2. Pandadoc (Document Signing)

When your leads are moving through your pipeline, they’ll soon arrive at the stage of “signing the proposal/contract.”

And once they do, the typical flow probably goes something like this:

  • Spend 45-60 minutes draft a proposal/contract
  • Email it to lead for signing
  • Lead falls off the face of the planet
  • Follow up via email or phone until your fingers are bloody from typing and dialing
  • Cry (Just kidding! Salespeople don’t cry.).

Has that ever happened to you? You get 98% of the way to the close and it dies quicker than Kenny from South Park?

It used to happen to us like it was our job.

But we changed that by integrating Pandadoc into our sales process.

Pandadoc is an incredible document-signing software that we use to draft contracts for clients who make it to the end of our pipeline.

It’s helpful for several reasons:

  • Reason #1: It’ll slice your contract/proposal creation time in half. We used to spend an hour on average creating contracts. Now, it takes us about 20 minutes to send a beautiful contract — whether it’s for $8,000 or $80,000.
  • Reason #2: It’ll get your contracts signed quicker. The problem with sending a plain PDF contract is that your lead needs to print it off, sign it, scan it, and email it back. That’s too many steps. In marketing, we call this “barrier to entry.” The higher the barrier to entry, the less likely someone will convert.

Using Pandadoc will allow you to send contracts through the software so they can legitimately e-sign them  –  without ever printing or scanning a thing.

Be-a-utiful as Jim Carrey would say!

Pandadoc Screenshot

  • Reason #3: The second your lead opens the document, it’ll notify you. It will also track how long the lead has viewed each page individually in the contract.

This powerful insight will help you understand what they’re doing at all times, as well as allow you to change and adapt the contract/proposal according to how much time they’re spending on each page.

Pandadoc Insights Example

3. Zoom (Video Conferencing)

Sometimes, in-person meetings aren’t necessary.

Unless a person is local to you, chances are, you won’t be doing a ton of in-person meetings with them.

(We have clients who live 2-3 hours away from Flight Media’s headquarters and we still utilize video conferencing a majority of the time!)

The same goes for sales — especially if you sell nationally or internationally.

If you sell outside your local demographic, then integrating video conferencing into your sales process is essential.

When we first started utilizing video in our sales process, our closing ratio increased dramatically.

(Although I’m a numbers nerd, I unfortunately didn’t run a case study on this.)

People love talking face-to-face, even if it’s over video. It makes you relatable, real, and it’ll help you read their body language.

Zoom Meeting Screenshot

In fact, we use Zoom’s video conferencing in every stage of our sales process.

Here’s how:

Flight Media’s sales process is broken down into three categories: Discover, Exploratory, Close.

  • Discovery: During this stage, we meet leads via video to find out their goals, needs, challenges, budget, and timeframe. Using video starts the relationship off right, as we qualify them.
  • Exploratory: During this stage, we use Zoom to screenshare our tailored sales slideshow and answer their questions in live time. Using Zoom in this stage made a big impact because we previously would send a beautifully designed PDF with our presentation for them to look at and get back to us. (Terrible idea…)
  • Close*: I put an asterisk by this one because I believe it’s an important piece to the sales puzzle that a LOT of sales teams are missing out on. If you utilize a software like Pandadoc (above), you’ll be able to send documents for signing. But the problem is, that still puts it in the lead’s court. And many times, they don’t want to dribble.

So what’s the solution? Once you know what services or products they want to purchase from you, schedule a final “proposal/contract run-through” meeting.

Draft the document in Pandadoc, then screenshare the document on that meeting. Run through the proposal with them to overcome objections immediately and minimize misunderstanding.

Once they’ve gone through it with you, ask them if they’d like to move forward and only send the document if they’re ready to sign today.


Our team not only uses Zoom for sales, but also for regular customer meetings. :)

Final Thoughts

That’s it. Three tools and software programs that will help boost your sales.

But only if you take advantage of them and use them. Like most things in life, the challenge is getting started.

When it comes to different sales software tools, you’ll get what you pay for. Invest a bit in your sales team, get them on board, and you’ll see a quick increase in productivity and more importantly, revenue.

Comment below: What sales tools and software programs are you using now and what’s been your experience? (I’m sure we’d all love to hear!)



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