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Marketing Weapons

The following are Flight Media’s choice of weapons when it comes to creating awesome media projects and successful businesses.

Email Marketing


Aweber is hands-down the best email marketing service we have ever used.
It has unbelievable deliverability, tons of beautiful HTML email templates, extensive tracking
analytics, an effective follow-up system, and will basically make you money without
having to pick up a phone.

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Mobile Marketing

Trumpia Mobile Marketing


If you’re looking to instantly reach your audience, experience an 85% open rate,
and experience an immediate ROI, Trumpia is your company. They are the #3 on
the top 50 movers and shakers in mobile services. (Not to mention, every large company
you can think of uses it.) Phenomenal tool for SMS appointment reminders, loyalty programs,
and SMS broadcasts.

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Online Advertising

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads


Growing your follower base is easier than anything with Facebook ads. We gained more
than 1,700 fans for our music company in the first two weeks using $70 through
Facebook ads. Create effective ad copy and images, grow your follower base, and make
more money utilizing Facebook advertising–enough said.

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Social Media Management



We manage all our social media sites with Hootsuite. Seeing as social
media accounts for a large portion of our sales, we use Hootsuite
to ensure that we don’t miss a beat. We schedule everything that gets
posted on our social media 1-3 months before it happens. This enables
us to post at the most effective times without having to think about it.

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*Some products are affiliate links to products the Flight Media endorses. Flight Media
will receive a small amount from any purchases made through the links. The only reason
we do this is so that we can continue helping hobbies and businesses generate success.
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