3 Marketing Mistakes Business Owners Make Everyday
83.7% of Business Owners are Making These Marketing Mistakes

83.7% of Business Owners are Making These Marketing Mistakes

Did you know that 72.4% of statistics are made up on the spot?

But all jokes and compelling headlines aside, I firmly believe a vast majority of us have made – or are currently making – these 3 mistakes.

Now, I’m a huge proponent of the old saying, “Knowledge is power.”

The worst thing about these marketing mistakes is that you may not realize you’re making them. Or worse, you don’t see them as that big of a deal. But trust me, it is.

Speaking from experience, if you can stop making these mistakes, you can start building the business of your dreams.

1. Your Target Market is Too Large

It’s not enough to decide that you target market is small business owners.

You’re not going to connect with anyone that way.


If you do manage to make some sales, they won’t be the perfect client for you. Understanding your ideal target market is evident in everything you do, from content to setting up analytics.

And not understanding them is evident, too.

You’ve got to narrow your audience down as small as it will go. Don’t just look for small business owners. Look for owners of flower shops that have started their business in the last 10 years and have a marketing budget of at least $500 a month.

Now that’s an audience you can work with. Go ahead and start writing to an audience that concise. You’ll be able to develop marketing that resonates for sure.

2. Your Brand Story Lacks a Compelling Hook

Now, it’s not enough to just know who you’re marketing to. You’ve got clearly define why they should choose your business.

What’s the hook that connects your brand with their needs?


Maybe you’re a digital marketer that grew up across the street from a flower shop. The owners were always so kind to you and gave you a small bouquet to give to your mother every Mother’s Day. They went out of business a few years ago, so you wanted to specialize in helping other wonderful shops make the world a nicer place to live in.

A big cheesy? Sure.

But I guarantee that your story will connect with them far more than the other digital marketer that’s just targeting small business owners. And that type of connection will help you dominate.

If you’re sitting there thinking, “That’s great, Chels. But I don’t have any sappy story like that to connect with my audience.” Well, I wouldn’t challenge my method. Instead, I’d ask you if you’re really going after the right people.

Marketing is all about connection. And if you can’t figure out how to make the people you want as customer to know, like and trust you, then you’re not selling to the right people.

3. You Aren’t Consistent in Your Endeavors

This is one of my biggest pet peeves – especially if you’re selling marketing.

Be consistent in your marketing efforts. I know it’s hard. It requires time, dedication and energy that entrepreneurs and small business owners feel like they don’t have.

Trust me, I get it. I really, really do.

But that’s not an excuse.


If you want customers, then you’ve got to attract them through quality, consistent marketing campaigns. There’s no way around it. Do it well, do it right and do it often.

Be the consistent beacon of light in this dark, tumultuous world. Let your audience know that you care about them, their happiness and their pains.

Bet you didn’t know marketing could get so deep, huh?

Seriously, though. It’s tough to grow a thriving business in the midst of a competitive environment. Avoid these pitfalls so you don’t make it any harder than it needs to be. The right marketing campaign can take you from zero to hero. What are you waiting for?

About Chelsei Henderson

Writer. Entrepreneur. Professional sandwich maker. Been crushing life since the day I was born. I'm passionate about words, travel and a good cup of tea.
  • barbara barna abel

    Great post. Consistency is one of the biggest challenges, especially when you’re business and core competency are not marketing.

    • Absolutely! Heck, even if your core competency IS marketing! Staying consistent is a big obstacle, but it’s definitely worth it if you make the investment to make sure it happens (whether that’s of your own time, or money to hire someone else to take care of it).

  • You really need to niche down on your target audience. Especially as you get started. I could not agree that this is a huge opportunity for startups and small businesses to grow. Nice article.

    • Glad you agree, Steven! I firmly believe nailing down my target audience has been a driving factor in my success so far. Getting granular just makes everything easier – ad targeting, sales pitching, content marketing… All of it!

  • That’s a great question. Instagram certainly is tricky. I’ve found that taking a day and getting a batch of candid photos is a good strategy. That way you have something to fall back on if you’re struggling to keep things rolling.

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