Keep Readers on Your Blog Even Longer
Keep Readers on Your Blog Even Longer

Keep Readers on Your Blog Even Longer

You spend hours crafting your blog posts.

You carefully and strategically plan your site’s layout.

You even spend hours on social media to share your posts where they would get the most traffic.

So it’s got to sting when people only skim your content and bounce.

Your goal is to get people to read your posts, but you also want them to stick around for more.

Here are some tried and true, and easy, strategies that will help keep readers on your blog.

Ask for Comments

At the end of each blog post, pose a question related to the topic.

Getting more people to comment on your posts is sometimes as easy as asking them to do so.

This super easy step will increase your comments and reader engagement.

Once you get the comments, keep readers coming back to your site by responding to them.

Show Related Posts

People will read a post because they are seeking information.

Keep them on your blog by giving them more information on the same topic.

Link to your other (related!) posts in your content.

Then, at the end of each post, have a related posts section.

Adding it is a simple as using a widget that will automatically encourage readers to click on related posts after they are done reading the current one.

Show Them Your Most Popular Posts

Some blogs feature recent posts in the sidebar. Others showcase recent comments.

And then there are some that do the most popular posts thing.

Each option has its benefits, but showing readers your most popular posts (especially ones that have gone viral) is a great way to get them to click through and stay on your site.

You can use a plugin to show off your most read posts, or you can pick and link them manually.

Why would you want to do it manually?

If you use affiliate links, you can choose to promote the posts that are popular AND have get you the most affiliate sales.

Talk to Your Readers

What is your writing style like? Are you super informative and professional?

While this works for some business blogs, readers like posts that read a bit more like a conversation.

By writing in a style that is fun and lets your personality shine through, you just sound more relatable.

Write in a conversational tone, as if you were talking to a friend. This will get readers coming back for your informative posts, and your fun attitude.

Get Them to Subscribe

If people sign up, it means they really are interested in your content.

Your email list is golden.

Entice them to plug in their email address by offering them something pretty awesome: an eBook, an email course, free tools.

(Want more? There are 13 more list building tactics in this post)

Once you have their attention, send them emails with your most recent posts to get them on your site.

You also want to send other useful things not on your site to keep them interested in staying on your list.

Be Helpful

Do your readers email you questions? Do they leave comments with questions in them?

If they do, it means they are comfortable turning to you for advice.

Whether you answer those comments individually by replying to emails, or crafting a blog post that will help the masses, use your readers’ comments to determine what they want to know and give it to them.

You spend so much time working on your blog that you want readers to stay on it for as long as possible.

These easy tricks will increase the time readers spend on your blog and will also help them see more of your great information.

What’s your #1 trick for keeping readers on your blog even longer? Leave a comment and share it.



About Corinne Kerston

Corinne Kerston is Flight Media's Lead Inbound Marketer. She specializes in content creation, lives in Hawaii and makes Flight Media Blog a better place!
  • Sue Anne Dunlevie

    Love this post, Corinne! Popular Posts in my sidebar works really well.


    • Corinne Kerston

      Hi Sue Anne, Happy New Year my friend!
      I’m glad popular posts works well for you. On your blog, I like that popular posts is up high … it can’t be ignored :)

  • Steven Boehle

    I started asking a question at the end of every blog post. So far so good. Engagement is up.

    • That’s great, Steven! It truly engages people and keeps them on longer! #goodwork


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