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How We Increased a Client’s RFPs by 600%

How We Increased a Client’s RFPs by 600%

If you provide a service, your business depends on Request for Proposals (RFPs). They are the best kind of lead, as you usually get lots of information about the potential customer, such as their name and contact information, business type and budget. The best part  –  an RFP usually means that the prospect is in buying mode.

We help our clients secure all kinds of leads, whether it’s when a prospect downloads a free offer in exchange for an email address or an RFP.

One of our clients, Kaplan Mobray  –  an established speaker  –  sought our help with a comprehensive inbound marketing plan.

Your business is probably in a very similar situation as Mobray.

He was rockin’ his business.

He traveled more than 250 days per year as a keynote and workshop speaker, consultant and personal coach.

But he wanted to continue moving his business further along, driving revenue and building a passive stream of income.

Enter the relationship between Mobray and Flight Media.

You see, Mobray is a successful coach, speaker and consultant for professionals. He educates people about personal branding, leadership and more, and is a best-selling author.

But he isn’t a marketing, design and sales expert.

Nevermind that Mobray didn’t have the marketing knowledge to build a campaign. Even if he had some marketing know-how, he didn’t have the time to spend on it.

Working together, we created a strategy to:

  • Increase his online visibility so more organizations would hire him to speak.
  • Sell his products (books, hats and t-shirts and online courses).
  • Boost recommendations and referrals.
  • Keep the conversation with conference and workshop attendees going.

Some of the steps involved in the process included:

  • Creating buyer personas.
  • Building a new website based on growth-driven design principles.
  • Developing new “free offers,” like ebooks, infographics, etc.
  • Designing content specifically for his social media channels.
  • Coming up with an organic and paid lead-generation strategy.
  • Building his online store.

Kaplan’s contact page

The results of all these pieces of the inbound marketing strategy working together were astounding.

And even better, we ran everything for Mobray, behind the scenes, so he could concentrate on delivering amazing speeches and networking.

Here are the results of his inbound marketing campaign in just one quarter (or over the first three months of running his inbound marketing strategy).

Website visitors

Mobray’s inbound marketing strategy returned a considerable and staggering return on investment. Within just three months, website visitors increased by 74.88 percent –  that’s almost double the number of website visitors (these include audiences who hear Kaplan speak as well as organic traffic)

website visitors

Email subscribers

Email contacts grew exponentially, increasing from just 12 contacts before implementing the inbound marketing strategy and working with Flight Media to 104 qualified contacts per quarter who have offered their name and email address in exchange for a free offer (“Accelerating Your Career” ebook). That’s over 640% growth.



But the crux of it all comes down to RFPs.

Mobray’s business depends on people requesting a proposal to speak at various events.

Before inbound marketing, Mobray’s website generated 2 requests for proposals a quarter. Two RFPs is very low, and the website wasn’t getting much traction for Mobray in terms of booking speaking engagements, either.

After implementing an inbound marketing plan, that number grew by 600 percent, with 14 RFPs coming in just a three-month span.


Mobray’s return on investment is looking very bright. If one-quarter of the leads he got in Q1 hire Mobray, he’ll be positioned to make $60,000 in speaking fees  –  from just three months of an inbound marketing strategy.

Is your marketing plan lagging? Share your comments below and let us know what’s working and what’s not!


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