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Interview: Two best friends made through photography

Interview: Two best friends made through photography

Through Facebook, these two amazing photographers found each others work and have since become the best of friends. Grace Jones and Jenna Souers joined me in the studio for a short interview so we could discuss a little bit about their endeavors as photographers as well as young business owners.

Enjoy this fun interview and be sure to check out the following summary for more info on Grace and Jen!

Grace and Jenna both have a style that really caught my eye. The sharpness of images, as well as the dreamy/vintage feel, gives a feeling of happiness inside each image.

Both girls started photography when they were very young, and now plan to make it their career. To summarize their style, I would have to say it’s more along the lines of lifestyle and photojournalism.

LankyStalksGrace E. Jones Photography

Grace has done photography since 2006 and does anything from weddings to trips across the world! If traveling was all she had to do, you wouldn’t see her in the same place more than once. When she captures conceptual work, she focuses more on self-portraits to help describe her emotions in an outward artistic presentation.

In order to find inspiration, Grace will resort to Facebook where she is friends with photographers of all sorts. This allows for her to connect with a community that will give constructive feedback, as well as some new friends along the way! 😛 She also enjoys flipping through the latest Kinfolk to get some inspiration as well.

Check out more of Grace’s photos here.


JenPictureJenna Souers Photography

Jenna graduated high school in 2013 and plans to pursue photography as her full-time career. She captures anything from weddings to high school seniors. Whenever she’s capturing people, she prefers not to pose them, but, rather, capture more candid photos from her subject just interacting with each other and/or their surroundings.

Jenna utilizes Facebook to promote a lot of her work. As of right now, Jenna doesn’t have a website, but she plans on getting one in the near future. Along with traveling, Jenna enjoys cooking and baking foods, then taking pictures of them.

Check out more of Jenna’s photos here.



Both Grace and Jenna share a lot of photography friends including Kristian Lynae Photography, who Grace accompanied as a second shooter in their most recent wedding shoot. Maybe Kristian will be featured on the blog soon…so stay tuned!

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