Why You Should Get Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified
Why You Should Get Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified

Why You Should Get Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified

Today I finished my Inbound Marketing Certification with Hubspot. (Although I didn’t get a 100%, like I wanted, I did get a passing score of 90%. :))

After 9-10 hours of studying and taking a 60-minute test, I sat at my office desk this morning, thinking about the massive amount of information I learned during the last few weeks. The quick, easy certification generated 10x more results than I had expected, is currently boosting traffic and sales quality leads (SQL’s), and shows no sign of slowing down.

Flight Media was previously averaging 25-40 visits per day (sad, I know), but within 6 days of applying Hubspot’s inbound marketing techniques, we saw a 620% boost in traffic, generated 300% more leads, and finally began generating qualified leads who were requesting pricing & quotes.

Why? Because the strategies Hubspot teach work. 

Just look at their methodology. Simple concepts, but genius.

Hubspot's Methodology

Hubspot’s Methodology

From basic Tips to Optimize Your Website to The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page, their training took the meaning of Inbound Marketing to a new level for Flight Media. (In fact, I had no clue what inbound marketing was before taking the course. All I knew was that I admired Hubspot and what they did was working.)

That said, here’s why you should get Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified:

It’s FreeInbound Marketing Certification

Can it get any better than that?

At the cost of only your time, there is no reason everybody (or at least somebody on your team) shouldn’t get certified. The results will easily outweigh the costs and are worth every second of additional labor. (i.e. You will experience ROI by applying the strategies.)

Upon passing the final exam, you will receive a PDF document of your certification (great for submitting with Elance proposals or hanging on your wall to feel cool) and be given an HTML code to embed on your website (credibility.)


The Study Materials Are Ordered

If you’ve ever gotten certified in something (Adwords, Google Analytics, Investments, etc.), you’ll quickly get frustrated because there is rarely a clear study path. 

For example: Google Adwords certification provides links to articles that will help with studying, but there are no videos or walkthroughs–just plain, boring text.

Hubspot eliminates that frustration by having a downloadable study guide, along with video classes that allow you to download the video slides (if you want), see an overview with key points of what you’re going to learn, and view additional resources to further your learning.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified Course Overview

9 Classes < 1 Hour

If the fact that it’s free and it’s ordered isn’t enough, classes are less than 1 hour each. 

There are a total of 9 classes and they each range 45 minutes to 1 hour. I watched the videos during my 12pm-1pm lunch break, while I ate.

Grab a notepad, coffee (or lunch,) and click play. 

Each class also walks through the Inbound Marketing Methodology from start to finish and makes it easy enough for a 5th grader to understand. There’s no ‘guesswork’ required. (Finally..) 


Whether you’re prospecting on Elance, Odesk, or offline, providing relevant certifications will improve your sales conversion rate.

Having an Inbound Marketing Certification immediately positions your company as an expert in marketing over competition without any certifications.

(Not to mention, it makes you sound cool when speaking with friends about it.)

You’ll See Immediate ROI

This is, undoubtedly, the best part. Return on Investment.

As you coast through the videos, don’t only take notes, but take action.

I took immediate action after every video and experienced quicker results than I could have imagined. (It was a good thing, too, because I typically get demotivated when things don’t generate results pretty quick. ;))

Results From Hubspot's Techniques


Whether you’re looking to drive more traffic, improve landing page conversions, generate more SQL’s, or make more sales, Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Certification will help.

Their proven (and extensively tested) methods will take your business to an overall new level.

Sign up for the certification here. You’ll be glad you did.


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  • Congrats on the certification — and all the increased traction. We love, love , love seeing inbound marketing working for people.

    Thanks for writing up your experience.

    • Thanks for reading, Dharmesh! It is absolutely working! :)

  • Rachel Goodman Moore

    Congrats on getting certified, Josh! Love the looks of that visits chart – way to go! Thanks for the awesome write up.

    • Thanks, Rachel! BTW- Your presentation was an excellent way to start the classes! :) Keep inspiring and pushing business people to be their best.

  • msawyer80

    Rock on dude, taking the course myself right now. Getting ready to hit the close stage. 😀

    • Great work! I actually just made it a milestone for all FM’s employees to get a raise if they complete the course! :) It’s SO good!

      • msawyer80

        Love the course, almost done.. I would recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their business.

  • Good job, Ravi! It absolutely is a good addition. The value they provide is priceless. It’s personally changed my business! :)



    Very helpful article, as I’m just about to get into the free cert program. Question on the Marketing Automation software pricing: What does it cost ballpark for a one person digital marketing outfit to use HubSpot Marketing Software? I have seen their pricing, but it’s out of the park for a one person freelance company.

    • Hey Andy! It starts at $200/mo — but the main benefit comes at the Professional package level ($800/mo). Flight Media uses it and LOVES it. But I wouldn’t have used it when I was a one-person shop. They also require a year paid at a time, so the investment can be a hefty one.


      • ANDY RATAN

        Stunningly quick response to a comment on an older blog article. Indicates precisely why you’re good at what you do. Yes, exactly, that pricing that I’ve also explored on HS is out of the question for this one person digital marketing services company. I’m already using the CRM, which is slick, but the primary objective is Marketing Automation. As a marketing manager in Los Angeles in 2014 at a company that used Marketo, I got some experience working with the digital marketing coordinator in various aspects of Marketo. Fast forward to 2016, after a family tragedy in 2015, and I’m both a Dir of Marketing at a small tech startup as well as running a fledgling boutique web design and digital marketing outfit. I already knew I wanted to use Hubspot over Marketo and Eloqua, hence my use of the HubSpot CRM (at our tech startup) and now the getting Inbound certified part. My immediate goal is twofold: to encourage our small tech startup to use HubSpot Marketing, and to use HubSpot for my own agency. Question: With the $800 pricing shown in the pic below (even though I can’t afford it at the moment), can I (as an agency) service multiple clients?

        • Our readers and clients are our #1 priority! :)

          Hmm. Interesting position! I’ve looked at everything and tried everything, but Hubspot will blow them all out of the water by a long shot. (In fact, we’re partners of Hubspot now.)

          We looked at that angle as well, but it would be very tricky. All the reports would be run together, the landing pages could only be put on a single website, the social media management piece would get confusing and the CRM would have a database of your clients and their customers — making things more confusing.

          My advice would be to utilize the business level of Sidekick (CRM) and convince the tech company to get Hubspot (if they genuinely would benefit.)

          As you grow, expand and get hubspot. When you’re ready to get Hubspot, on any level, reach out to me personally at josh@flightmedia.co and our Inbound team could help — we’ve jumped through the hoops many times.

          Another thing to consider — price negotiation.

          Hope that helped, Andy! :)


          • Very helpful, and thanks for the reach out offer.
            So how do you offer Inbound Marketing services to your clients? I thought you were using HubSpot to conduct Inbound Marketing for your clients – perhaps that was a wrong understanding on my part. Perhaps you need your clients to have HubSpot in order to help them in that sphere?

          • Correct! We do Inbound Marketing for clients through Hubspot. We also use Hubspot ourselves!

            To help clients in the Inbound area, they do need Hubspot. Since we’re a partner, we can have the onboarding fee waived! ($3,000) :)

          • Thanks. Perhaps when our small tech startup is ready to get HS Marketing, we should come to you. In any case, HS’s pricing is outrageous for small firms. They need to have a small business pricing model, instead of one size fits all.

  • Karen

    I am just beginning the hubspot inbound marketing cert program…. any do’s and don’t’s from those who have completed it? Excited to begin getting myself up to speed on today’s marketing. I have a degree in marketing from 30 years ago that’s very obsolete in the current market! Thanks

    • The best advice I have is to schedule the time and knock it out in a week. All of our new hires have to do it. They usually have it done in 3-4 days. We learned that when you try to space it out over a month or so, you forget the material, fail the test and it doesn’t stick as much! :)

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