4 Awesome Growth Hacks for Your Email List
4 Awesome Growth Hacks for Your Email List

4 Awesome Growth Hacks for Your Email List

“Build your email list right away!”

It’s a phrase I’ve heard shared by many of the top leaders in the Internet Marketing industry. If asked what their biggest regret is, most will mention not building an email list early enough.

And I don’t know about you, but I like heeding the advice of other successful people.

That’s why I immediately started my email list. I didn’t want to have the same regret as the others that have gone before me.

But sometimes I get a little impatient.

So, instead of just sticking to traditional email list growth methods, I set out on a search for some hacks. On my journey, I’ve tested a variety of ideas and have seen quite a bit of success with them. These are a few of my favorites…

Use Twitter Card in @replies

Josh has talked about Twitter Cards before.

They’re super easy to setup and can generate quite a bit of traffic to your blog. In fact, within three weeks of setting them up Josh was able to increase his Twitter traffic by 10.62%.


But did you know that you can also use these cards to grow your email list?


With just the click of a button, a Twitter user can share their name and email with you. This works for your regular and sponsored Tweets, but that’s not the hack.

The hack comes into play when you make the lead generation card personal.


Start Using Content Upgrades

I’m not going to lie, this strategy takes quite a bit of work.

The idea is simple: create a unique free download for each new post you publish. Then, at the end of the blog post, offer the additional content as an upgrade to the free content.

In exchange for the upgrade, the reader gives you their email.

If you’re just getting started–or you don’t have the resources to do this for every post–use this step-by-step process that Backlinko shared

Screenshot 2015-07-27 02.35.07

Just Ask Nicely

My mom always taught me that if I wanted something, just ask. “Sometimes the answer may be no,” she’d say, “but you’ll never know unless you ask.”

I’ve found that lesson to apply quite well in the marketing world.

If you have clients, social media followers or peers that aren’t signed up for your list, just ask them. They may not sign up. And if they don’t, what have you lost?

But if they do, you’ve gained access to another inbox and potential revenue.

Find appropriate times to mention your email list in conversation. Just make sure that your content will actually add value to their business and life. After all, you want high-quality subscribers that will read, engage and buy.

Make Referrals Super Easy

People are lazy.

If you don’t make things super easy for them, they’re not going to share your email. The solution? Take all the work out of the process.

Noah Kagan created a great solution that makes it super easy for people to share your newsletter, product or content with a friend. This magic trick goes like this…

People click on your magic link.


Then this new window pops up, ya know, magically:


The only thing they have to do is insert their friend’s email address. That’s something they’ll have to do on their own. You can’t help them there.

If you wanna learn how to do this, watch the video or read this tutorial.

And there you have it! A magical link that makes lives easier. Does it get any better than that?

These are just some of my favorite ways to hack email list growth. Do you have any others you’d like to add? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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