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I’m Josh. (And that babe next to me is my soon-to-be wife, Kelsey!) About 2 years ago, I dropped out of college and quit my job as a ‘sales associate’ to pursue my dreams of being an entrepreneur.


It was never an ‘easy road,’ but over the last few years, I have learned enough about business to work for myself full-time, help other people build successful businesses’ and more importantly, enjoy life to the fullest.

How I Got Started

After realizing how passionate I was about marketing, advertising and web design, I decided to start my own company, Flight Media. It was a rough start to get clients, until a business coach recommended I check out ‘Elance.’

After creating an account (during a vacation,) I was able to generate more than $1,000 in revenue within 7 days.

I quickly built a client base on Elance and began growing my team with several months. About 6 months in, I was no longer using Elance, but rather getting referrals almost every day from current clients and working full time with several team members.

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Since then, however, I have scaled down my team to two of us and have begun focusing on long-term business relationships, rather than dozens of ‘one-off’ jobs.

In doing so, I have been able to support my business, my adventurous life and my family. :-)


So, What Do You Do?

I focus primarily on coaching and training clients to run effective marketing campaigns. I help them setup Facebook & Adwords advertising campaigns, write marketing plans, create massive social media fanbases,  write effective email marketing funnels, and more importantly–make sales.

I also make some smaller commissions from the resources I recommend. (Affiliate sales)

How Can I Work With you?

If you’d like me to coach you on your marketing & advertising or help train/setup your campaigns with you, shoot me an email at josh@flightmedia.co.

(We also help manage social media!)

I read every email and respond to them all. :)



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