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A 3-Step Process for Selling More Services (Part 3)

A 3-Step Process for Selling More Services (Part 3)

In the last two parts of this series, I covered the Discovery and Exploratory steps.

We’ve discussed the five essential things you need to gather on the initial call with a lead in less than 20 minutes.

We’ve also discussed how to run the exploratory session, what to include in your presentation, how to further qualify them, and how to get a verbal commitment from them as to what package they would like.

That leads us to the final puzzle piece in our 3-step process for selling more services: The Close.

The Goal of the Closing Session

Remember, leaving the Exploratory step, you should have already gotten a “proposal run-through” session scheduled.

They should have verbally agreed to a particular package or said they’ll discuss with their team which package is best for them.

That’s this step.

On the back-end, we call it the “Close”, but we tell leads that it’s the “Proposal Run-Through Session” for the sake of sounding less salesly. (Would you attend a meeting called “The Close”?)

The goal of this session is to do a LIVE run-through of a proposal for the package that they verbally committed to.


This shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

How to Structure The Close

This final step must be in-person or over video, so you can share your screen. They have to be able to view the proposal LIVE  –  or in real-time.

Huge Tip #1: Draft your proposals with a digital document signing software like Pandadoc or Proposify to allow them to sign the contract quicker (at the end). We use Pandadoc.

Huge Tip #2: Use Zoom or Google Hangouts for screen-sharing.

Pandadoc Screenshot

Before the meeting, you’ll want to draft the proposal based on the package they selected.

If they didn’t select a package, have a proposal that shows all the options with a checkbox for them to select the one that works best during the run-through.

With the proposal up on your computer screen, you’ll walk through everything with them.

Cover things like:

  • Goals summary
  • Deliverables
  • Pricing
  • Terms & conditions
  • Testimonials
  • What happens after they sign

Having an editable version of the proposal on your screen will allow you to make final changes to the document right away, rather than playing email-tag.

Once you reach the bottom of the document, you’ll ask them if they’re ready to move forward.

If they say yes, you’ll send the document to them right then and there so they can sign it NOW. (Occasionally, they’ll want to still look it over. If so, that’s ok. You’ve take them as far as you can on your end.)

If they say no, you’ll need to re-evaluate your process and qualifying along the way. If they made it this far, they know the pricing, they see the value and they want to work with you.

But occasionally this does happen. If it does, dig to the root of the objection (price, resources, timeframe, etc.) and try to negotiate any last-minute items.

We’ve only had this happen a handful of times.

Final Thoughts

Selling services can be tough without proper systems in place.

If you’ve read all three steps in this series, you should have some new ideas on how to sell more services.

Need to review the steps?

Here are parts one and two:

Following this three-step sales process will help you run circles around your non-methodical competitors.

What do you plan on improving in your sales process or closing?

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