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30-Day Content Challenge

30-Day Content Challenge

Creating content sucks. (Especially for 30 days)

Sitting down for several hours to knock out a blog post, video, podcast, etc. isn’t always the most fun thing to do. In fact, if you go in without an outline for the content, it quickly becomes a burden.

I typically create one piece of content (blog post) per week because my time is limited and I believe quality beats quantity any day.

But, next month that’s going to change. 

I’m going to pump out one piece of content per day. (Whether that’s a blog post, guest post on my blog, guest post on someone else’s blog, a podcast, or a video.)

Side-Note: If you’re reading this in the future, read the entire thing. It applies right now, next month, or 2 years from now.

Why Should I?

It’s easy. Because it works.

You see, I launched Flight Media Blog back in July of 2013. We were getting roughly 900 visitors/month by November, but I knew we needed more.

So, in January, I decided to produce content every day and we went from 814 monthly visitors to 8,575 visitors by the end of the month. (A whopping 1,053% increase in traffic!)

Of course, after January, we slowed down to 1-2 blog posts per week and our traffic hovered to a steady 6,000 monthly visitors. (Still an 737% increase from November)

Traffic Before & After

Before & After 1st Challenge

On top of the traffic, our email subscribers skyrocketed from less than 30 to over 1,000 in the first 4 months.

The Rules

Starting on the 1st of whatever the upcoming month is, I’m encouraging everybody reading this blog to take the challenge.

Push yourself to create content every day (or 5 days per week) and see how much it transforms your numbers.

If you’re getting 1,000 visitors per month, what would you be able to do with 5,000? (I’m currently setting a goal of 50,000 visitors by the end of the month, conservatively.)

So, here are the rules:

  1. Pick a number. How much traffic are you currently getting and how much are you looking to achieve? Without a goal, you’ll be shooting into the dark–thus, demotivating you. (Good read: How to Stay motivated as an Entrepreneur)
  2. Pick your content. Content is anything that provides value to it’s readers. Whether that’s a blog post, guest post on another blog, video, or podcast, make sure it’s providing value.
  3. Stick with it. This is probably the most cliche rule, but the truth is that being average won’t cut it anymore. The average person blogs several times per month. The average person would say this ‘sounds too hard’ and give up before trying. And the average person experiences average results. Don’t be average. Because in the end, the average don’t live the lifestyles they dream of.

Prep Like a Boss

I’ll be honest. This isn’t an easy task.

It takes massive preparation to do something like this, so you don’t burn yourself out. (Back when I attempted this in January, I had no plan and it burned me out. Which is why I haven’t done it since..)

So, to make this easier & give you a better sense of direction, I’m going to share all the resources & strategies I use along the way.

That said, first, you’ll need a schedule. 


A schedule was the largest thing I lacked back in January. My team and I wrote ‘on the fly’ and didn’t have a structure.

This is very important because it gives you a guided route for the entire month and if you don’t pre-plan the topics & titles, you’ll end up have a week of straight “numbered lists”. (i.e. 7 ways to…. 9 Things You Should…. 4 Bloggers to be Following… Etc.)

I like to keep my article titles & topics in a Google Spreadsheet, so I know what’s coming up and what type of content needs completed.

Blogging Challenge Schedule

Blogging Challenge Schedule

Access this exact schedule template in the Flight Media Toolbox:

Flight Media's Toolbox

Pick Your Weapon (Content)

If you’re new to blogging or want to get a better idea of different kinds of effective content to create, here’s a breakdown of the what I’ve learned is effective.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is simply submitting content (typically a blog post) to somebody else’s blog.

It can be very powerful primarily because it helps build a relationship with the blog owner, it drives referral traffic, it gives you a backlink, it builds credibility for your own brand, and you’re exposed to another industry influence’s audience.

For example, I wrote this post on Jeff Bulla’s blog and it received nearly 30 comments & over 1,000 social media shares.)

If you plan on guest posting (which I highly recommend,) you’ll need to plan what blogs you’d like to post on.

The best way to do this is by having a spreadsheet of the potential blogs & emailing each one to inquire about guest posting. (Check out this fantastic Advanced Guide to Guest Posting by Neil Patel)

Guest Blogs List

Spreadsheet for Potential Guest Blogs

Access my Guest Blogging Organizer in the Flight Media Toolbox:

Flight Media's Toolbox

Get this out of the way before completing the schedule because your guest blogging won’t be accepted immediately. So, while you wait for replies, leave a few spots open on the schedule and fill them in as your guest posting gets accepted.

Side-Note: Make sure they’re relevant to your niche & their audience is engaged. Good signs would include social shares & comments.

Blog Posts

This is the most common type of content. Good ole’ blog posts.

I’ve written nearly 150 blog posts in the last year, so to give you some ideas, here are a few types that have worked very well for me:

  • Funny Lists. These are the kinds of lists that people can relate to & are relevant to your niche. For example, my “40 Signs You’re a Marketing Nerd” got several hundred shares & still get’s me several tweets per week from readers.)
  • In-Depth Guides. Quality definitely trumps quantity. I spent upwards of 8 hours on this post, but receive 5,000+ pageviews per month from it.
  • Authority Roundups. When you interview lead authorities in your niche or write an article about them, they tend to receive above-average sharing. Why? Because you’re associating your name with the ‘top dogs.’ When I first did the 30-day content challenge, I wrote a post called “11 Business Bloggers You Should Be Following in 2014,” got 4,000 pageviews on it that month, and recieved more than 500 social shares.
  • Hack Lists. Everybody loves hacks. Who doesn’t? Heck, there’s an entire website dedicated to hacks caller Lifehacker.com. Would you rather read an article called “7 Money Tips to Lead the Life You Want” or “7 Money Hacks to Lead the Life You Want?” Most people would choose the latter.

Recommended Tool: Blogging Essentials Checklist


I’m a huge fan of video.

Before I founded Flight Media, I actually co-founded an online drumming education company who’s prime source of traffic was Youtube.

In the first year, we accumulated nearly 1 million Youtube Views and we built a subscriber base of more than 10,000 engaged drummers. (It was amazing.)

When it comes to video, it’s important to strive for quality. Video can be a more expensive source of content, but it can easily attract more views than written content.

Just take a look at James Wedmore

He used Youtube as a content strategy and has accumulated over 2.5 million youtube views and a subscriber base of nearly 50,000 people.

Recommended Read: 8 Steps to Capturing 500,000 Youtube Views in 10 Months


This one is still new to me, but I’m happy to announce that I’ll be launching my first podcast called “The Solopreneur Daredevil Podcast” to start this 30-Day Content Challenge!

Subscribe to it here.

Podcasts allow people to listen to content on their smartphones & download your audio content from iTunes, Soundcloud and a few other places.

The truth is, people are beginning to prefer listening over reading. Why? Because it’s easier. (And we’re getting lazier)

They allow people to better understand the speaker’s tone because their actual voice is the content.

Although podcasts take a bit more effort to start up, bloggers like Pat Flynn are taking massive advantage and pulling 10,000+ podcast downloads per day.

Recommended Read: How to Start a Podcast: Step-by-Step

Who’s In?

This is going to be a challenge. It’s going to be tough.

And quite frankly, most won’t complete the first week.


If you’re willing to try, do the following:

  1. Share this post & tag someone else who you believe in
  2. Comment daily with the a link to your latest piece of content
  3. Visit someone else’s content & leave a positive comment

I will add your blog to the running list below & will also comment on your blog!

Let’s stop being average.

The Blog’s Who Took The Challenge:

(Visit, comment and encourage!)

  • Flight Media Blog
  • successfulblogging.com
  • renterresume.co
  • geek-adjacent.com
  • takingactiononline.com
  • frantic-naturalist.com
  • Euphorikdesign.com
  • thecreativedivergent.com
  • euphorikdesign.com
  • undergroundcreativegroup.com
  • quickmeups.com
  • affaircare.com
  • nonchron.com
  • peterfrumenti.com
  • reflectionsfromaredhead.com
  • thebyrneblog.com
  • ivaursano.com
  • ScottDMorrison.com
  • brazielmedia.com

Additional Resources

My 30-Day Posts 

  1. 14 Ways to Suck at Twitter [Infographic]
  2. SDP #1: Be Everywhere (In One Place) (Podcast #1!) :)
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25 Traffic Methods

About Josh Coffy

Entrepreneur. Marketing Nerd. Life enthusiast. I am absolutely passionate about what I do. My goal is to inspire others to reach their true potential.
  • Sue Anne Dunlevie

    OK, OK, you talked me into it! I’m in, Josh!

    • Yes! Let’s rock this our Sue. You post content frequently, so it shouldn’t be too much more! 😉

      Interviews, here we come…

  • Renee Camus

    Great post, Josh, and I would really like to try this (I’m trying to post more frequently anyway). But there’s a phrase you used that highlights part of my problem: “My team and I.” I’m working on my own and don’t have a team, so I find it difficult to finish fairly big tasks like these daily (and yes, I’m probably making them bigger/longer than they need to be). Do you have any suggestions for smaller types of content, something that might be more manageable for a team of one? Or should I just make everything shorter?

    Btw, forgive me for saying this, but I’d really like to proofread your posts (I’m a writer/editor/proofreader). I always find a few typos. But the content’s great!

    • Hey Renee!

      Back when I did this, I had 4 people working for me. Now, I’ve scaled back (by choice) and only have 1. She will only contribute 4 articles during the whole month, which also takes me 1 hour of time to proofread, edit and upload.

      For this challenge, I’m going to play it smart. I’m going to reach out to other people to not only guest post on their blogs, but have them return the favor as well. (So that way, I’m doubling the content efforts.)

      I would make sure the posts are at least 600+ words and NEVER do them on the day of! That’s why we have roughly 2 weeks to schedule, contact guest post blogs and archive our content. I usually only release 1 piece of my own per week. This time, I’m going to start writing 3-4 and archiving the rest for the challenge month! :)

      BTW- Post a link to your blog & I’ll add it to the list in the post! :)


      P.S. I’d be happy to have you proofread them and shoot me your edits! I know how important having a second pair of eyes could be! :)

      • Renee Camus

        Thanks for the quick reply, Josh. I’ll have to see how much I can schedule in the next couple weeks (and by schedule, I assume that also means getting a head start on writing/creating).
        My website (which I’m still building) is http://www.reneecamus.com and my blog is at http://www.geek-adjacent.com. Thanks!

  • I’ll take the challenge. I am a tour guide and if I get a tour in September, it might have to be put on the back-burner, but for now I have the whole month free.

    • Awesome, Vernon! Comment your posts as you post them so others and myself can go leave comments! :)

      Adding your blog to the challenge-takers list!

  • 30 days worth of content is a lot…I really need to challenge myself to this, I’ve been WAY to inconsistent in producing content for my site…I’ve always found an excuse to give myself, not next month…Count me in!

    • YES! Glad to have you onboard Nathan. Come back & comment your latest content links for me & anybody else to leave comments on!

      BTW- your blog is http://www.takingactiononline.com/. Let’s do as it says! :)


  • Well, since you said at the top of your post that the challenge could start right now, I’ve gone and started right away. Post #1 for frantic-naturalist.com:


    • Vernon, you’re all over the place. Keep up the great work 😉

      • I have time, something I’ve had very little in my adult life, so I’m trying your advice and learning as I go.

        I really do enjoy your blog, I’ve read through a bunch of your older posts.

  • Jennifer Grant

    I have given this a great deal of thought over the last 9 hours of my day.

    Challenge accepted. There are tons of free content generation tools out there, and this should be very successful for us all if our content falls in line with our social media goals.

    • Yes! Glad to have you Jen! Euphorik Design all the way! :) I’ll keep an eye on your Facebook page.

  • Sam McGrew

    Gonna be taking my 30 day challenge at thecreativedivergent.com!

  • I’ve added another blog post again. I’m not going to link to all of them from the comments because I think it’s hurting my SEO.

    But I am carrying on with the challenge. So, my latest post is up.

    • Great! Keep it up! I’m prepping for September 1-30! :)

  • Another one up. #4 of 30. Fridays are harder :)

  • Hi Josh,

    Congrats dude. Love the idea and I know you’ll be up to the challenge.

    I published 3400 posts to my old blog in like 3 years using a similar approach. I went all out each day, and honed my writing skills quickly.

    The more you write from a relaxed, calm and confident space, the more easily you’ll be able to connect with your target audience because your blog will improve.

    Now I’m publishing three, 2500 to 3000 word posts weekly. I can write in-depth stuff now because of all the prep work I did over the years, publishing a bunch of posts daily in addition to writing for my freelance clients.

    Thanks for inspiring us Josh.

    Tweeting this in a bit.

    Signing off from Fiji.


    • That’s amazing, Ryan! I shoot for 1,500+. Those little articles don’t cut it anymore! Also- I’m going to assume blog commenting is a strategy you use?

      8k+ comments with disqus?! What are your thoughts on it?

      Also- I LOVE your writing style. I know you don’t accept em, but I’ll happily accept any guest posts you have! (It’d help me out for September!) 😉

    • Ryan, I appreciate you responding to the group with this; it’s encouraging. I used to blog years ago but only did it for fun. Now, I’m doing it “for real” and struggle to offer quality, value, length, SEO, appeal (graphics), engagement…
      To hear that it gets easier certainly helps! (Hopefully the confidence builds as well). I have 384,496 ideas and half-started blog posts and rarely actually post anything. I’m looking forward to this challenge and to reading some of your posts as well.

      • I agree, Melissa!

        Actually, from your comment, I just opened my Evernote and added a potential blog title: “How to Add Appealing Graphics to Your Blogs Posts for More Engagement” :)

        So many ideas and now, it’s time to put them to use!

        • Glad I could help :) Looking forward to reading it! Pls add hacks on how to (quickly or automate) perfect sizing for web that doesn’t look crappy on the page, SEO tags and attribution. hahaha

          • Renee Camus

            Yes! I’m still new to WordPress but I never know how large my images/graphics should be (that’s probably obvious with one look at my blog).
            And like you, Melissa, I also have a bunch of ideas that I don’t get around to writing about. Time to fix that! :)

    • Wow that’s serious! I just posted on your blog how I’m harnessing patience in this blog adventure. It’s easy to see somebody’s blog and think – well they did that quickly, or it looks like it came easy for them, because we don’t see all the hard work that goes on behind the screen.

      I’m at about 80 posts this year and should have another 40 – 50 before I hit the one year mark. Thanks for sharing those numbers, definitely a motivator!


  • Josh, this is a great idea (helping us, building your audience & traffic, inspiring me to get off my butt and actually finish stuff)! Thanks. I’m accepting your challenge and am also going to drag my sis along with me. Will tweet this out to her shortly.

    In the mean time, I’m looking forward to this challenge. I’ll be posting my goods here: http://undergroundcreativegroup.com

    By the way, while I absolutely love feedback and comments, I also very much appreciate constructive criticism. If anyone has some to offer but you don’t feel comfy leaving it in comments, my direct contact info is all over my blog. Please send it if you have it – it’s very helpful to my little growing business. :)

    • Thanks! I can’t wait to see your progress! We have about a week till this starts, so prep, schedule, and begin archiving ASAP! :)

      Checking it out now!

  • Hey Josh, first time here and what a great article to find. I start my blog (http://quickmeups.com) in January and started with 3 posts a week, every week. I have a full-time job, leave home at 7:30, home at 7pm and with 3 posts, I was burning out after 3 or 4 months. I decided to scale back to make time for commenting on other blogs + Twitter , etc.

    Now I’m at a stable 2-3 posts per week depending on how I feel and how much time I have. I’m still stuck in the 1,000 – 1,2000 visitor per month range, and as you mentioned, 5,000 monthly visits would be great. I need to prep a bit for this challenge, reach out for possible guest blogging, plus Sept. is full of holidays here in Chile making it more difficult to post, so I plan to do this in October.

    I will find & follow on Twitter and look forward to being in touch. And if everything goes according to plan, I’ll be starting the challenge Oct. 1st!


    • That’s great Zac!

      Glad to have you on board, my man. If you did this, you could easily see 5k. I would recommend mastering ONE social network & blasting your content as well.

      (I’m a huge Twitter fan) :)

      • I started Twitter after starting my blog, and am doing ok with almost 2k followers but still find I get low general interaction and click thrus. If I directly comment to somebody or tag people I get responses, but if when I post my blog post for example, I get maybe a favorite and MAYBE a RT, but that’s about it. How do you find you harness Twitter to get a lot of click thrus and reads?

        • Well, it depends on several things:

          1. How big your following is.
          2. How often you Tweet.
          3. What time you Tweet.

          I personally tweet 25 times/day (scheduled out, of course,) but I started with 3-5 times per day. In the last 30 days, I’ve been able to get 1.8k retweets, 1.5k mentions, 6.8k link clicks, and over 60 million tweet impressions!

          It’s all about consistency! Use softwares like Sprout Social or Hootsuite and schedule 3-5 tweets/day for starters. Make sure you’re posting inspirational quotes, internal content, external content, and promotional content. (4 types of content you should be posting)

          Hope that helps man!


  • Hi Josh,
    I’m convinced! I’m joining as of Sept. 1st and I’m in the planning stage now. I’m setting my number and putting together a sheet so I can track it; and I’ve got the spreadsheet planning the topics. By the end of the day today, I’ll have my dream list of blogs on which I’d like to guest blog! RAWR! I’m in with both feet.

    Cindy at Affaircare

    • Yes! You sound SO hardcore, Cindy!

      Can’t wait to see the results! :)

      • Hey Josh, I have a suggestion. Will you set up a Facebook group for this little rag-tag group? We could share resources and support each other, and every day we could post our daily content and comment or like, etc. Also I have a little form for tracking monthly numbers–anyone want it?

        • It’s so funny you mentioned that because I literally just added it to my ‘to-do’ list yesterday to create a group! I’ll try to roll one out by the end of the week. Not just for this challenge, but to motivate & mastermind indefinitely. :)

          • Hey…where is the LIKE button on this thing? (heehee)

          • It’s the ^ arrow, right next to reply! 😉

    • Go Cindy!!! :)

  • i’m looking forward to seeing what everyone is going to post.

    I’ve kept at it. I did miss a day (which was just because of some circumstances beyond my control), but I’ve caught it back up.

    I’m not going to post here all the time, but I’ve put up a page just to record my 30 posts for this challenge. If you go to my website, just go to /blog/30-day-blog-challenge/ to see all the posts.

    • GENIUS idea, Vernon..

      It looks good. I’m going to do the same! :) Thanks for the tip!

  • I’m in! Beginning September 1st, the Chronicles of Nothing will take the challenge.

    • Yes! Adding your site to the list now, Amy! :)

  • Peter Frumenti

    I’m in! Let’s do this!

    • Yes! Can’t wait! This is going to be hardcore! :)

  • I am finding keeping up a daily blogging challenge really…challenging. It really makes me admire great bloggers more.

    Today is day 11 since I started. I didn’t get a blog post on my company website today, but did post a fairly substantial post on my personal site.

    • It is, Vernon! I truly admire bloggers who post multiple times per day…

      As long as content goes out, it counts! I’m going to be doing podcasts, guest posts on other blogger’s sites and Youtube videos, so it won’t always be on my site either! :)

  • Ok I’m in – http://reflectionsfromaredhead.com. Looking forward to it! Need to get prepping stat – since its already 1 September here in Oz!

  • OK… here goes! My first post of 30! To those in the U.S., have a good Labor Day! http://undergroundcreativegroup.com/reason-behind-labor-day/

    • Great post! Just left a comment. I’m going to my running articles at the bottom of this article! :)

  • Jenny Lanctot

    Almost forgot to post here! Even though mine’s not a marketing blog (nor am I making any money from it … yet), I’m doing the challenge with my sister (Melissa Mannozzi – the one that’s been harassing everyone) to try to get my “brand” out there before I venture out on my own as a professional genealogist. Here’s my post for Day #1: http://bit.ly/1tTYHSq

    • Great! I commented on the Transcript post already! :)

  • Iva Ursano

    I’m all over this! Day 1 for me is today. All this blogging stuff is very new (and a tad intimidating to me) but the writer in me is screaming to get out! :-) Still so much for me to learn. I’m also going to do video as well as part of my 30 day challenge..Woot!! I’ll link later, once today’s blog is up! To all those taking this challenge, keep on keeping on!!! And thank you all for your encouraging, motivating and uplifting words!!

  • Posted my first post and took your advice to plan out the posts. Got about half way through the month, but I’ll pick it back up and get to planning. Even going to attempt a vlog! http://www.nonchron.com/random/back-to-school-time.html

  • I have two resources if anyone would want them.

    Monthly Blog tracker: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/affaircare-documents/Monthly+Blog+Tracker.pdf I personally use this to just track numbers on my blog, and you can adapt it any way you like .

    Linkable Spreadsheet with the 30-Day Challengers: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/affaircare-documents/30-day+Challengers.xlsx This one is handy because it’s a clickable list of everyone who’s in this challenge so far, and it makes going to people’s blogs and supporting each other so much easier! Please visit the folks in the challenge and like, share or comment!

  • Jenny Lanctot

    Here is my Day 2 post: http://wp.me/p38ODH-Nt

  • Here is my day 2 post: http://undergroundcreativegroup.com/creepy-online-dating-guy/ Looking forward to any feedback

    • That was a GREAT post! Agreed with the whole thing. Shared & commented. :)

    • Iva Ursano

      Great post indeed Mel! Love your writing style!

  • John Byrne

    Josh– you’ve inspired me, so challenge accepted! Day 2 entry just posted on my blog at thebyrneblog.com. Looking forward to the next 28 days!

    • Jenny Lanctot

      Welcome to the dark side, John :)

    • Great! Just left you a comment & added you to the list. #letsdothis

  • Iva Ursano
    • LOL Iva, I always found it funny that people are like “I’m 29” I’m certainly not going to tell people I’m YOUNGER than I am! I tell them i’m 59 or something (I’m 44 as of last week) so they’ll be like “DAMN! you look great!” Aw, thanks. 😉

      • Iva Ursano

        LOL…cute…I rarely act my age Mel so I’m convinced that most people think I’m like 12…;)

  • Jenny Lanctot
  • Good morning, bloggers! Post #3 live: http://bit.ly/1oyR8du

    • Literally just commented on this, Melissa. You literally just posted what I was going to on the 14th this month. :)

      • oops! :) It’s interesting to see other posts on the same comment and see the differences. I’m sure you have tips that I didn’t know. I’m looking forward to reading your post on the 14th! BTW, your podcast is great! Makes me feel better about my facebook page (just launched that last week out of guilt). I’m not focused on it. I’m so happy to hear this is a good thing!! Thanks for the podcast.

        Bloggers, if you haven’t checked out Josh’s podcast, you should

        • Iva Ursano

          I did. It was awesome and definitely eye opening for newbies like me!!

  • Iva Ursano

    Seriously ridiculous awesome blog up now…lol..#3..who knew this was going to be this much fun! Thanx Josh!!


  • Day No. 3 of the challenge: “Identity Theft: Sharing a Name With Someone (Kinda) Famous” via http://thebyrneblog.com.

  • RollTideWarEagle

    I love this! This is an awesomely inspiring blog post for any blogger. Before we take the challenge, I have a question. We’ve been writing our college football blog for six months with almost exclusively “pillar” articles while knowing we need to improve on quantity. We tweet out infographics that could be stand-alone posts. How do you balance the quality vs quantity issue?

    • Glad to (hopefully) have you on board! :)

      It’s funny you brought that up, because that’s on the list of topics for the podcast I just launched! lol (Prolific vs Epic)

      The truth is, there isn’t a number you can put on quality. I’ve written posts that are 3,000+ words with graphics, screenshots, etc. and I’ve also written 300-word posts that do just as well.

      Quantity and quality need to work together. Write as much as it takes to say what matter, forget the fluff.

      First, create a schedule. Then, stick to it. If you’re going to have less time in a day, cover a topic that can be covered in a few hundred words, but is still valuable. (I did that Monday with my 14 Ways to Suck at Twitter) It took me 30 minutes to write, crate the graphic, and release. :)

      I always strive for quality. Because mediocre content is too common. People want epic.

      Hope that helps!


  • Peter Frumenti

    I am on day 3. So far soo good. Already seeing an increase in traffic. Thanks for the encouragement Josh! Here are my first three days posts as requested:

    1. http://peterfrumenti.com/get-this-right-and-the-rest-is-easy/
    2. http://peterfrumenti.com/the-5-steps-to-leaving-behind-your-j-o-b-forever/
    3. http://peterfrumenti.com/why-i-went-on-a-facebook-rant-today/

    • Commented! Great posts, my man. Keep it up.

  • Jenny Lanctot

    Here are BOTH of my Day 4 posts (yes, I have multiple blogs):
    Are My Roots Showing? blog: http://wp.me/p38ODH-L9
    The Lost Scrapbooks blog: http://wp.me/p49UJa-2z

    • these were awesome btw. Sucks that in your realm, a lot of research has to go into each and every post! Love the drama of the old stories

  • Iva Ursano

    I think tonight I’m going to try my hand at video again. This will be my day 4 post. Stay tuned! :-) Have a happy day bloggers!!

    • Do it, Iva! I’ll try some videos this month as well. :)

      • Iva Ursano

        Hahaha video complete fail!!..lol..back at it this weekend when I have more time to edit. Monday I’ll be a YouTube sensation. :-)

    • Haha! That post was hilarious. I love it!!

  • Whew! This one got away from me a little. Finished w/ day #4 http://bit.ly/1xfBuy4

    • Left a comment. That’s some good stuff! I got 2 of the apps! lol :)

    • Jenny Lanctot

      LOL “ignore that.” Hahahahahaha … that was awesome.

  • Jenny Lanctot

    Day 5! (I am on a roll!) http://wp.me/p38ODH-Nz

  • Iva Ursano

    Day 4 video fail..lol…day 5 blog up…video attempt 459 this weekend. Have a great weekend fellow bloggers! Josh, this blog is for you!!


    • Have a great weekend, yourself, Iva! Read & commented.

      • Thanx Josh …:)…I hope you read the recent blog! You’re the star of that one!!..;)

  • Josh, I’m now in about 17 days. I’ve posted 15 posts to my main blog, frantic-naturalist.com/blog and I’ve posted about three posts to sandcurves.com. I’ve also done one youtube video, but that is a place where I’m working on the principle of failing yourself to success.

    I’m finding that I’ve got loads of ideas that I want to work on when my pace slows down. I have certainly found that the more you write the more you think of to write.

    • That’s amazing Vernon! I’m going to go read a few! :) Keep it up, my man. You’re inspiring me.

  • Here’s my Day 5: http://affaircare.com/2014/09/04/love-kindler-4-financial-commitment-podcast/ and I’ve been putting all of mine as a list in my first post, so hit “Older comments” and you’ll see my list day-by-day.

    So I see Josh is our fearless leader, Iva and Jenny and Melissa are the lovely ladies, and Vernon and John and Peter are the manly men of our close-knit little clan. Shall we exchange twitters and FBs and support each other that way too?

    • Hahaha! That’s awesome! I’m down. Twitter: @joshcoffy | Facebook: facebook.com/workwithjoshcoffy or facebook.com/joshcoffy! :)

    • Cindy!!! You forgot to include yourself in the lovely ladies group!!!..great idea. !! I think I’m already following Josh, John and Vernon. I’ll track you down Cindy!

      I don’t know how to link stuff here very well so twitter is IvaUrsano and Facebook is Iva A. Ursano-amazing me movement.

      • Jenny Lanctot

        Sure! Twitter = @JennyLanctot
        Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/JennyLLanctot

        Be forewarned … I post a LOT of genealogy crap on both platforms :)

        • I’m forewarned, and I LOVE genealogy crap. I have my father’s father’s side traced back into the 1500’s and the mother’s father’s side back about 14 generations I think… quite a ways. I found my husband’s family history for him, and when my kids needed proof of their Choctaw heritage I traced that back to the original Rolls! So Yeah–post away baybee!

      • Peter Frumenti

        Is there a document going of all the different blogs, twitter and facebook handles? Let’s all work together to comment, like, share, retweet and otherwise support each other. Of course only if you truly like the content! 😉

        • Iva Ursano

          Hi Peter. As far as I know, we are all checking in right here, posting our blogs and commenting and supporting each other through here. We have linked our other accounts on here as well for others to connect to. This has been my go to page. :) Hope this helps.

    • sure! my twitter is @UCGMktg

    • I am @Affair_Care on Twitter, and http://www.facebook.com/affaircare on Facebook. Now I’m off to look for “The Clan” members and ask to be your friend!

  • Hey Josh: Here’s My Day 5 post, in advance of attending Content Marketing World next week. Hope you enjoy! http://thebyrneblog.com/2014/09/05/loneliest_legal_marketer/

    • No way! I live 45 minutes from Cleveland, John! Check out my comment and let me know if you’re interested in meeting up! :)

  • Jenny Lanctot
  • Morning, challengers!! Day #6! http://bit.ly/1rRgYkS

  • It’s never too late, right? Here’s Day 6 post: http://thebyrneblog.com/2014/09/06/what-to-pack-for-a-marketing-conference/

    • I published mine at 10pm! Crazy weekend.. :)

  • Jenny Lanctot

    Day #7: http://wp.me/p38ODH-NS

    C’mon! Up and at ’em guys!

  • Here you go! Day 7: http://bit.ly/1ocmeZc Happy Grandparents’ Day :)

  • Peter Frumenti

    Here are my latest two posts from yesterday and Friday. This challenge is killing me but well worth it, and I truly appreciate Josh for leading the way. I made some time to check out all your blogs tomorrow and share your best content ! You guys all rock!


    • Thanks Peter. Just commented. Great posts. :-)

    • Jenny Lanctot

      Good one! Read and commented :)

    • Great post! Commented!

  • Iva Ursano

    Day 7? No wait 6? Oh sheesh, I’m in trouble if I’m already confused about the days. Blog is up!


  • Jenny Lanctot
  • Pushing it today! http://bit.ly/1oZVc6P

    • Dude. Andrew Davis totally commented on your post. That is so awesome. <–mktg geek

  • Iva Ursano

    Under the wire for sure John!! Blog #7 finally done! phew!


  • Jenny Lanctot
    • that’s pretty cool! Great post – especially for your peeps. I’m sure they’ll find that very handy.

  • Here’s Day 9: http://bit.ly/1uGIzlJ
    LOL I think I might need to change the title

    • Iva Ursano

      You’re right Mel. Nothing is hotter than Jon Snow except maybe Ragnar Lothbrok ..:-)

    • Love it! haha :)

  • Iva Ursano

    Day 8. Phew. Half hour before the clock strikes 12. :-)


    • Iva, thanks for sharing your story. Strength is a great quality to have. You never realize how much you have until you need it. right?

      • Iva Ursano

        Absolutely Mel.!! Thanx for taking the time to read my blog! xo

  • Some encouragement for the troops: I’m about the break 3000 views per day, and I’m hyper focused on people who’s spouses have had affairs! If I can break 3000, you can too!! So go Challengers.

    This weekend the kids surprised us by stopping by to spend the weekend, so I had a minor derailment. I also thought I had a weird bug in my iTunes and Stitcher feed, and you’ll laugh WITH me so I’ll share. I must have spent HOURS searching through coding, going cross-eyed because my first 4 podcasts went on the feed fine and dandy, and the last 2 just would not. I was going crazy looking for some comma that was missed somewhere!!!

    Want to hear what the problem was?

    I forgot to put a checkmark in the Podcast category, and the feed is a feed of the Podcast category. I saw my error on accident by looking at my “All Posts” list and just noticing they were uncategorized!

    Ah, the joys of blogging, I swear!

    Day 6: http://affaircare.com/2014/09/06/love-kindler-5-family-commitment-podcast/
    Day 7: Day off for Sundays
    Day 8: http://affaircare.com/2014/09/09/love-kindler-6-social-commitment-podcast/

    • Cindy, that’s awesome! How many were you averaging per day before you started?

      • I think about 2200 per day, so that’s a decent increase in just 10 days.

        • Iva Ursano

          Yay Cindy!! That’s fantastic!!

  • Jenny Lanctot
    • awesome post, Jenny. That whole piece is so interesting; I can’t wait to hear more on William & Billy :)

  • Almost forgot to post mine for day 10!! (WOOT! 1/3 of the way through guys!) http://bit.ly/1p5luon

  • Great job everyone! W’re officially 1/3 of the way done! Let’s KEEP pushing!!


    P.S. John and I met up in Cleveland yesterday for a (nearly) 2-hour breakfast. WOW! It’s so inspiring meeting other bloggers & like-minded people. If anyone ever comes to Ohio, give me a holler. :)

    • Iva Ursano

      How awesome is that????…:-)..

  • Iva Ursano

    It’s video nite!!!! Stay tuned! :-)

  • Iva Ursano


    BOOM!! Done!!!…Phew!! Hope you enjoy it!! 3rd attempt at video. Still a newbie to all of this so it may not be the best but to me it’s pretty darned awesome!!

    • YAY!! I am so proud of you!

      You know what? Those of us who follow you care more about you sharing about the cool thing you want to share than we do about hair or weather or anything.

      I LOVE how you incorporated yourself and your own life, as you are, to be an inspiring message. GREAT JOB! I’m beaming!

      • Awe thanx Cindy!!…:)…that means a lot to me!!!…xo….I’m on a mission now to try one a week…here’s to hoping!!

    • Well done, Iva! Glad you got it done and got rid of the fear! Good for you.

      • Iva Ursano

        Thanx Mel!! :) I had so much fun doing that one, can’t wait to do more now!!

    • Great job! You did great for the first time!

      • Iva Ursano

        Awe thanx Josh!! Got some great and honest feedback from friends and family on how to make the next one even better..:-)..gotta love family for their honesty..lol

  • Another day just under the wire — boy will be nice to come home from Content Marketing World and write during the day! :-) Here’s Day 10! http://thebyrneblog.com/2014/09/10/writers-block-best-sources-of-ideas-for-your-next-blog-post/

  • Jenny Lanctot

    Day #11: Total cop-out on the content front, but I didn’t want to offend anyone or come across as non-patriotic by posting something non-9/11 related, and at the same time didn’t want to post something 9/11 related because – honestly – I feel it’s overdone. So hopefully this is a happy medium. http://wp.me/p38ODH-OT Regular programming to resume tomorrow.

  • My post for today http://bit.ly/1suG0nS

  • Iva Ursano
  • Well, since I’m now back in the central time zone, I still made it in under the wire with something for Day 11: http://thebyrneblog.com/2014/09/11/remember-when-they-called-it-the-information-superhighway/

  • Jenny Lanctot
  • Iva Ursano
  • I have to be honest–I’m getting mixed up on my days BUT here is today’s podcast/blog: http://affaircare.com/2014/09/12/love-extinguisher-2-spiritual-neglect-podcast/

    • LOL Cindy, I can totally see that happening. Quick tip: 9/12 = day 12 :)

  • Here’s my day 12 :) http://bit.ly/1BziLvY

  • Day 13! Marketing & Ad Shaming: http://bit.ly/1qTbdj1

  • Jenny Lanctot

    Oops … forgot.
    Day #13: http://wp.me/p38ODH-NW
    Day 14: http://wp.me/p38ODH-NX

  • Iva Ursano

    No blog today folks. Today I’ve submitted a guest post to a site I love and I’m skyping with someone tonight who can help me on my merry path of spreading love, light, rainbows and sunshine to everyone! :) Happy Sunday peeps!!

  • Cuttin’ it close on day 14, but here it is! http://bit.ly/YK4MWn

  • Jenny Lanctot

    Day 15: http://wp.me/p38ODH-NY (and it’s multilingual) :)

  • day 15! Half way through, guys! http://bit.ly/1qXOClw

  • Iva Ursano


    Day …um…..12?..lol…no clue…enjoy…

    • Whatever the day of the month is, that’s what number we’re on! 😀

      • Iva Ursano

        Haha!! Of course!!…lol…just had a hairspray moment…

  • smorrison00

    I’m in. Thanks for the idea Josh! http://www.ScottDMorrison.com

    • Added you to the list, Scott! Good luck, my man! It’s a ton of work, but WELL worth it. :)


  • Under the wire with day 16! “Why are you still talking about product features?” http://bit.ly/1piPUDx

  • Kristan Braziel

    Woohoo! I started yesterday, but didn’t read fully through your post, Josh, until today, so I’m just now seeing the 3 “homework” steps!

    Yesterday’s post: “In Just 15 Minutes a Day, Make Your Customers Feel Guilty for Cheating on You”: http://bit.ly/1s5jLXM

    Today’s post: “2 Ways to Gauge Whether Your Ads Are Working”: http://bit.ly/1o3vYFq

    Thanks for the challenge, Josh!!

    • Nice Kristan! Just commented on making my clients feel guilty about cheating!

      I also added you to the ‘Took the Challenge’ list. :)


  • So, confession time: I missed a day. Please forgive me! And read today’s post: http://thebyrneblog.com/2014/09/17/content-catastrophe-top-excuse-for-your-next-blog-posting-fail/

  • skin of my teeth, but here you go. Day 17! http://bit.ly/1wFI27S

  • Iva Ursano


    Enjoy!! Happy Thursday peeps!!

  • Kristan Braziel

    2 (more) Ways to Gauge Whether Your Ads Are Working: http://bit.ly/1u4hUT0

  • No excuses this time; another day of the 30-day challenge! http://thebyrneblog.com/2014/09/18/the-vision-thing-and-seven-questions-you-must-answer-to-succeed-at-anything/

    And, Josh — I totally stole from you for my intro, too. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? :-)

  • Kristan Braziel

    Day #4: “How to Find Out Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Ad Vendor” http://bit.ly/1wNprqv

  • day 19!! wow http://bit.ly/1tBGB7V

  • Kristan Braziel

    Day #5: “#1 Outdoor Advertising Mistake” http://bit.ly/1sSblxw

  • Kristan Braziel

    Day #6 (cranked out 2 today since I missed a day!) “You can create beautiful, print-ready ads for free” http://bit.ly/1C1xPmv

    • Way to go! 2 in a day. Pump that iron! :) Checking now. :)


  • Sorry folks, I forgot to list my last blog posts here. Please forgive :) Here you go…
    day 20: http://bit.ly/1my6kxq
    day 21: http://bit.ly/1wEqdmP

  • Kristan Braziel

    Day #7: “Best Place to Run Your Coupon (it’s not where you think!)” http://bit.ly/1qnfqrm

  • Iva Ursano

    No blog today peeps. Instead I submitted another guest post article to one of my fave sites. Here’s to hoping..:) Happy Monday !!….:)

  • I’m not sure why I keep forgetting to post my link here the past few days. Day 22 (yesterday’s post): http://bit.ly/1ynC39E

    • I’ve been just as bad, Melissa. Posting some past posts in a sec. Keep up the good work!
      — John

  • I’ve been remiss in posting up my blog content since the end of last week. Admit I skipped a day (Saturday), but made up with it on Sunday with a post that I cross-posted to LinkedIn, and that has 5600+ views and counting! Josh — this content challenge stuff works! Genius! :-)

    Here’s Friday’s post, a bit of fluff playing with my polling function: http://tinyurl.com/nwbnq25
    Here’s Monday’s post on social media mistakes to avoid: http://tinyurl.com/qhblbv5

    And here’s my weekend post that captured a bit of attention on LinkedIn: “Why Are We Working on the Weekend?” http://thebyrneblog.com/2014/09/21/why-are-we-working-on-the-weekend/

    And now only 8 more days left in the challenge!

    • That’s AWESOME! I can’t believe it got that many views! Great job.

      Did you get it on Pulse?


      • Honestly, not sure what it was, but guessing it made it on Pulse somehow, maybe in one of their various channels. But I couldn’t find it there… maybe you can’t see your own stuff if it’s there? Still learning about their publishing platform (like everyone else!). :-)

  • under the wire again (and it’s killing my site traffic). 7 more days! I’m gonna crank this out and see if I can pop those numbers back up. Here’s day #23! WOOT! http://bit.ly/1snSBvu

  • Iva Ursano


    Day #23? 24? oh geez I’ve missed a few BUT I did submit about 3 articles for guest posting (awaiting acceptance) and I’ve created a workshop for October so I’ve been a busy girl.

    • Nice Iva! I hope you get all 3!! :):)

      • Iva Ursano

        Me tooo!!!…:)..or at least one..lol

  • Kristan Braziel

    Urgh, forgot to post the last few posts:

    Day #8: “Two Cents’ Worth: Radio Edition” http://bit.ly/1B3xzAR

    Day #9: “Deadlines You Didn’t Even Know You Had” http://bit.ly/1sY7mzw

    Day #10: “You BETTER Know What a ‘Shill’ Is” http://bit.ly/1romLfL

  • Here you go, gang. Day #25!

    Fight to End Global Epidemic of Repugnant Customer Service http://bit.ly/1vkYFSt

    Only 5 more to go!!!!! Can you believe it?!

  • Kristan Braziel

    Day #11: “I Wouldn’t Go Without THIS in My Business for Anything” http://bit.ly/1vm5T8I

  • Day 27… almost… there… http://bit.ly/1yvl5WL

  • Jenny Lanctot

    I’ve neglected to lave the links to my daily posts for the last … um … well, a long time. But rest assured, I have posted every. single. day. Here’s the last one: http://wp.me/p38ODH-Od

  • Dang it! I keep forgetting to post my links here: Here are days
    28: http://bit.ly/1uVPSWD
    29: http://bit.ly/1pnb0l9

    Today’s the last day!

  • TA DA! Day 30! http://bit.ly/1mNT8Ej

    All I can say to those doubters out there? http://youtu.be/VIBfctISM9M

  • Iva Ursano


    That month went by fast and though I didn’t post daily, i certainly tried to keep up with you peeps!!..Cheers to all of you!!

  • I couldn’t do this in September, but I started it today. Better late than never. Here’s today’s article http://bitly.com/1vwQ6Gg

  • Day 2 of my 30 day challenge! Do you need a LinkedIn Company Page? http://bit.ly/1rAKk6a

  • Day 3 – my favourite ad right now. How to use emotion in advertising: http://www.octarine.co.za/emotion-online-cat-videos-and-brand-building/

  • Well I’m Posting It On http://Insidetuts.com Is It Going Good ?? Please Reply ASAP

  • mcassara

    Question… At this point what is your monthly visits count? And what happen to the podcast you started?? 🤓


    • Hey, Mark!

      Right now, we average about 8,000-9,000 visits/mo.

      About a year ago, we took a HUGE shift in our content. I used to write for marketers and starting entrepreneurs, but now we’ve honed in our buyer persona to speakers and small businesses with 5+ sales people. Because of that, we’ve had to kill some super-irrelevant content I’ve written that drove a ton of traffic.

      Doing so QUALIFIED our leads and has helped us grow our bottom line a LOT quicker. :)

      For the podcast, it was primarily about the time it took to prep, record and edit. Flight Media’s new office is about being done renovated and I’ll probably be starting a podcast back up in our studio! :)

      Now, I won’t have to edit the podcast, which is the primary reason I didn’t like podcasting. 😀


      • mcassara

        🙌 awesomeness!

  • Tom

    Great blog post! We are in the process of launching our new brand HAK Health and are looking to increase our traffic. 30 days of blogging here I come! :)

    • Thanks, Tom! What’s the URL? I’d love to have a look. Do it for 30 days and you’ll KILL IT!


      • Tom

        Thanks Josh! The URL is http://www.hakhealth.com – Blog post is already out today and have a list of people to contact. Also written a post with some key influencers in which hopefully they’ll be keen to share. Thanks again! :)

        • Wow! The website looks great. So does the product — bought a bag. :) I saw that it’s in GBP, so I hope it makes it to Ohio!


          • Tom

            Amazing Josh, Thanks so much! We will do our best to ensure it makes Ohio 😉


  • Hi Josh, Been thinking about a 30-day content challenge so this post is just in time for me.

    Will keep you posted on how it goes here.

  • Thank you for the tips! :)

  • Gonna do this too! Will be thought but more traffic here I come! Thanks for this!

    • Do it! It changed our business. :) Worth the hard work!

  • That’s awesome, JoAnne! I believe in you! Keep doing it. :)


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